February 28, 2017

Gainfuly Unemployed

I am now officially out of a job. Done.
After setting up a few things with my replacement I said my good byes in the office yesterday, got  handshakes and hugs and left. It was a funny feeling. I'll have to get used to that. Now today I already had one phone call from the parole reentry task force asking for information but I don't mind giving guidance.

Got a few things to do this week; dentist and taxman stuff. Think I'll start on the workshop. I'll post a few pictures of it as it now stands (a complete and utter shambles) and do some updates as it progresses.

The wife and I have a trip to Fayetteville, NC, planned for April. We'll spend a few weeks with our daughter and enjoy the warmer weather down there. I'll also look for some furniture to refinish.

I'm still a little antsy about my decision to leave but I know I did the right thing. New York State is getting absolutely ridiculous with its law enforcement programs and I am tired of dealing with them. The nit picking is tiresome and there is a pervasive theme of social justice and minority favoritism that has spread throughout the entire system under Cuomo. Add to this admixture the people in the State I trusted, who I have dealt with for years, are also retiring; stir, bake and the result is time to leave.

Perhaps this is contrary to popular opinion, but there are some great people who are bureaucrats. And of course there are slugs also. Most of my experiences have been with the good ones and I am most fortunate for that.


LindaG said...

Sounds like a good time, yes. When hubby retired, they called him on and off for a month or so; but he was civil service with the Navy/Marine Corps. Five people replaced him. No joke.

Be careful. Have a safe trip. God bless you and your family. Thank you for your service.

LL said...

Thank you for your career of service. Now it's time for you to take care of you. Good luck in retirement. Now if you want to do some piece work here or there you can -- or not.

underground pewster said...

I have stepped onto the down escalator this year and hope to follow in your footsteps out the door next year. Federal rules and regulations are getting to me.

Doom said...

I won't deny there are some good bureaucrats. But, now, you will get to be working with them on the other side of the desk. I hope your luck continues, but don't count on it. Once you aren't one of them, things change. Especially as they eye your retirement as a tax on theirs and things begin to scrape bottom. Just... warning you.

Good luck with retirement. I wish I had health, though I have a bit more youth. Difficult to gauge bad-heart age in human years though. Take care of your health and I do hope you figure it all out and live to un fifty, be a helpful pest to your wife, and see your great, great, great, greats or such. :p

sig94 said...

Thanks guys. There are a few health (heart) issues but for the most part they are under control. Need to lose some weight, exercise more, drink less coffee and maybe start drinking a little wine.

Doom said...

hahaha Slippery slope. Just... Enjoy. If I had to advise one thing it would be that. Find a way to truly enjoy. Cheers!

Kid said...

Have a Great new chapter Sig.

Kid said...

My doc said some red wine will keep the doctor away.
He's no slouch.