March 4, 2017

Obama's Spies

These idiots just never learn. Trump makes a supposedly outrageous statement, the dems and their puppet media go crazy, and then they get it stuffed down their throats. CNN (who else?) starts the parade:
President Donald Trump made a stunning claim Saturday, alleging without offering evidence that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 election.
Counter claims of "No proof! No proof!" are quickly voiced by the usual coterie of anonymous former Obama officials.
But two former senior US officials quickly dismissed Trump's accusations out of hand.

"Just nonsense," said one former senior US intelligence official.

Another former senior US official with direct knowledge of investigations by the Justice Department under the Obama administration said Trump's phones were never tapped.

"This did not happen. It is false. Wrong," the former official told CNN.
But apparently there was indeed a wiretap, an eavesdropping warrant, approved last October in order to examine the activity of several persons in the Trump campaign. From Breitbart:
A number of ex-Obama officials appear to suggest that the Obama administration may have actually wiretapped the Trump campaign, but that if they did it would have been justified by a court and part of an investigation by the Justice Department—not led by or ordered from the White House or the former president himself.

On Saturday, former President Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis denied that the former White House or the former President himself would have given such an order to wiretap Trump Tower—or any other type of surveillance in any case—but that such an order would have come from an “independent investigation led by the Department of Justice.”

And once again the Donald knows what he is talking about.


LL said...

Based on what we now know - this morning - a FISA judge turned down the initial request for a warrant back in June, so (likely the FBI, with WH approval) refined the request likely with Justice Dept oversight, and resubmitted it (again with WH approval). Wiretapping a political campaign headquarters is one of those things that you can only get away with if you find the smoking gun. Very high risk behavior...but emboldened by the sure belief that Hillary would win, it could be buried. Except she didn't.

Knowing that this nuclear time bomb was out there ticking, the Dems went on the offensive to blame President Trump and team for collusion with the Russians so that the FISA wiretap would appear to have legs when it surfaced. But that's over now that the truth is out and I have no idea how all this will end, except it will likely diminish the Democrat credibility even further. In a sane and rational world, people would go to prison behind this. Today, I really don't know if that will be the outcome. However, President Trump will win.

I can only wish that he'd call a press conference to disseminate this sort of news rather than resorting to Twitter.

The Twitter thing does get 140 characters of info out - but this is big enough that it's not sufficient.

Or at least that's how I see it.

Meanwhile, shouldn't you be thinking about retirement?

sig94 said...

LL -A beautiful summation, thank you. But. alas, as you stated, there most likely will be no prosecutions coming out of this... unless Sessions and Trump have had enough of this traitorous bull$$$t and decide to pull the plug on Obama and the Clintons...

As for a presser instead of Twitter, I think he likes hoisting the dems and the media on a petard of his choosing, watch them stew for a few days and then go in for the kill. IMHO Trump's us of Twitter makes the media look weak and it doesn't seem to have a harmful effect on his base.

Then again, Trump may have his sights set on a target a bit further down range. Hard to say whether or not this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning.

Kid said...

We need some hard consequences or it's all nothing to those who have yet to understand what is going on.

LindaG said...

I would definitely like to see the Clintons in jail.
There is no doubt in my mind that some dishonest judge and some equally dishonest people in the FBI or wherever surveilled then candidate Trump.
I just wish someone would be punished for something. It is getting annoying.

sig94 said...

Kid - the days of hard consequences are yet to come. Hopefully Sessions and a few new federal judges will jump start the process.

sig94 said...

Linda - months ago I sent an email to Trump's people asking them to investigate and prosecute the Clintons as it is necessary for them to reestablish the nation's trust in our criminal justice system. I never got a response.