February 27, 2017

Plugging The Leaks

For an interesting discussion on how President Trump and General Flynn identified the persons who were the leaks in national security, go here
President Trump has defeated Democrats in the intelligence community (IC) who were leaking classified information to the press. Such leaks have been a problem for many presidents, but Trump is the first who took a proactive approach and set up a sting operation that identified the leakers. It’s highly illegal to leak classified information. It’s also illegal to PUBLISH this information, but Trump is too smart to try and prosecute reporters. 
I thought that Trump would fire members of the IC until the leaks stopped, but the president solved the problem with a much more imaginative and deadly approach: He fed the IC false information. When this information was published, Trump was able to identify individual leakers. 
Each group or individual who leaked was given a different version of events. This is CLASSIC spycraft. If nine individuals are told nine different stories, and then each of those stories is published, you know the identity of each person who talked to the press.
President Trump in no fool, he does not tolerate fools nor does he hire them. Did he plug all the leaks, maybe not. Is this article fake news? maybe so, 'cause there are still leaks.


Kid said...

Awesum. Keep it going President Trump. Squeeze em out.

Kid said...

Maybe should have tried to identified more before dealing with the first ones. Then again, maybe the others will have 2nd thoughts about leaking.

LindaG said...

So far I agree with everything President Trump has done, including not attending that Press thing.

sig94 said...

People need to go to jail over this.