March 3, 2017

Build The Wall

Of course all illegal immigrants (aka criminals) are not satanists. But those that are...
Two illegal immigrant members of the ruthless MS-13 gang were arrested in Texas this week and charged with killing a woman as part of a Satanic ritual, according to reports.

The El Salvadoran suspects, Diego Rivera and Miguel Alvarez-Flores, allegedly killed a woman they were holding hostage in an apartment when she spoke out against the group’s devil worship, ABC 13 reported.

After the woman, known only as “Genesis,” made the comments, Alvarez-Flores — the group’s ringleader — attempted to give a lit cigarette to a Satanic statue as an offering.

But he said Satan wasn’t having the offering, telling his fellow gangbangers that “the Beast” wanted a soul instead, the station reported.

[...]Rivera shot Genesis once in the head on the side of the road before Alvarez-Flores blasted her in the chest, the station reported.
Build the wall.

Story here.


LL said...

MS13 never were full Santa Muerte devotees in the past. They had a blend of Santaria style worship that was different - but Satanists are defined by their works...sort of like Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta.

sig94 said...

LL - I think most Satanists are into this form of worship just for the shock value and the orgies. Then there are the true believers. Combine strong antisocial tendencies with murderous third world dispositions and ... let the bodies hit the floor.

LL said...

Forty or so years ago, I met a husband/wife who were part of a coven. I asked the husband, "so what's the attraction?" He said, "LL, all we really ever do is get drunk, cover ourselves with chicken blood and screw each other's spouses." He wasn't a true believer. He was in it for the sex - or the chicken blood - or the booze - or a combination of the above.

I have run into a LOT of Santa Muerte people in Mexico. Different deal there.

sig94 said...

LL - Probably the main reason why I have never been south of San Antonio. No intentions of doing so in the near future either.