March 26, 2017

British Parliment Moves To Outlaw Sidewalks?

More Brits are mowed down while standing on the sidewalk, then the driver tries to drive away.
But of course it's not terror-related.
Knife-wielding teenagers driving a Peugeot Partner ploughed into revellers queuing for a pub and 'knocked them over like dominoes' in a horrifying attack in Islington.

Two men and one woman were injured on the lively Essex Road in north London before the driver and passenger sped off then got out and fled on foot.

Police who found one knife on the pavement and one knife in the car arrested four males, aged between 17 and 19, on suspicion of GBH with intent and of possession of points and blades.

With tensions high after four innocent people were killed in a terror attack on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday, police insist last night's incident was not terror related.
Story here.

Actually there is no mention of the suspect driver's racial, ethnic or religious background. It just seems like the most dangerous places in Europe right now are the sidewalks of England's cities.


LL said...

They NEVER mention racial, ethnic or religious background in terror-related attacks in the UK either. I loved the way that Barack always cautioned against a rush to judgment in the hopes that the suspect was a white, Christian, male.

Kid said...

Did you notice that this happened just day(s) after the Turkish PM Erdogan told the world that no one in Europe will be able to walk the streets safely unless - whatever his demand was. he's filthy moslem scum.

sig94 said...

LL - yeah, I miss him too.

sig94 said...

Kid - there's enough of these homicidal maniacs floating around England so that on any given day someone can make a threat in Turkey, Syria, Iran ... wherever you can find a Muslim shithole ... and a day or two later some poor limey gets offed.