April 13, 2017

Canada Is About To Be Swamped

Canada apparently will legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the gateway drug.
America should throw a party. Almost 50 years ago Canada welcomed American cowards with open arms as they fled service in the armed forces. Unfortunately President Jimmy *spit* Carter welcomed them back.

Now we have  a chance to get rid of the dopers.
MONTREAL — The Canadian government announced Thursday new legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, a move that could lure American visitors but create legal headaches when they return home.

Possession of small amounts of pot will be legal throughout the country on July 1, 2018, if the legislation passes. The federal government set the minimum age at 18, but will allow each province to determine if it should be higher. The provinces also will decide how the drug will be sold and distributed. Those under 18 found with small amounts of marijuana would not face criminal charges.
If we don't have them already, we need to install sensitive cannabis sensors at our northern border stations to either lock these people up as they return to the states or prohibit their entry. Let them apply for Canadian citizenship as refugees.

In addition to the above, Trump has finally put the fangs back into our immigration laws. Look to see illegal aliens flocking to the north as Trudeau's Canada commits socialist suicide.

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LL said...

They need to legalize all drugs to drain the American swamp. Weed is a good first step. I think that a refugee program where narcos go north and become a millstone around the necks of the Canadians is a great idea. And the Canadians welcome the opportunity to host these deadbeats.

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

The Canadians I know are a bit strange anyway. But a stoned populous could make things even stranger!

sig94 said...

LL - This could be a self-cleaning oven type of solution. The druggies go north to escape US prosecution. They OD in Canada and with socialized medicine it takes forever to get into a rehab center; consequently they just eventually kill themselves. I like this... er, I mean what a tragedy *giggle*

sig94 said...

Diogenes - Nice people the Canadians. It takes a lot to piss them off but eventually Trudeau will get ousted; but by then it may be too late.

Kid said...

Take em ALL Justin. Just keep in mind they are Non-Returnable.

sig94 said...

Kid - just like final sales...