April 11, 2017

Fayetteville,NC,and Trump Chess

I'm drinking coffee and covered with dog hair.

 We arrived at Danielle's house yesterday around 1700. Her pups went nuts as we walked in the door; Greta and Boogie (as in Bogart) haven't left us alone since.  Especially Greta, she is constantly underfoot.

Boogie is an idiot. He jumped out the car window when our daughter was returning from NG training in Alabama last week - the car was doing 60 mph. Danielle has horrid memories of seeing him violently flipping over and over in her rear view mirror. She found a vet (I think she was in Georgia at the time) and had him checked out right away. He got all scrapped up and was a little dopey for a few days but is back to his normal, stupid self.

IMHO Greta got sick of his s**t and pushed him out the window. Greta is the princess, the Queen even. Greta gotta teach stuff to stupid dogs.

Oh, and Danielle was also glad to see us. Jess and her husband (and baby) just left my sister's house in MD (it's 0825 now) and will be joining us at Danielle's about 1430. My oldest daughter Amy and her brood will be here Friday. It will be the first Easter in a long time (10 years?) that most of us will be together. The only one missing will be Becca in Brooklyn. But her boss had her over for Passover last week so she's got that going for her.

Ahhhh. Trump chess. After he and Xi Jinping had a powwow last week suddenly a carrier strike group shows up on Kim Jung's front porch and now 150,000 Chinese troops arrive at his back door. Little Kim needs to reassess his strategery, eh? We'll see what the fat crazy rice bowl does next.

My wife just blurted out, "It's National Happy Siblings Day!" and gave me her frowny face.
She's an only child.
Suck it up honey.

Time for me to go.


LL said...

It sounds as though you'll have a fun and interesting Easter week.

Oh, and wish your wife 'happy siblings day' from the blogosphere as well...

sig94 said...

Thanks LL. She's a keeper indeed.