April 10, 2017

On The Road

We're in Maryland today visiting my sister and her husband, getting ready to leave to North Carolina this afternoon. It's amazing how much greener it gets just six hours south of Upstate New York. We'll be gone for almost three weeks. We left Syracuse yesterday morning and had a great six hour trip, very little traffic, no delays, rain or snow.

I managed to pack some of my tools as our daughter has a "honey-do" list ready for us in NC. The tools and my MIL's vanity (stored in our basement since her dad sold the house) has the Explorer loaded to the gunnels.

Saw my mom last night. Very discouraging to see how fast she is failing. This may be the last time we get to see her. She has dementia but I think she knows the end is very near; thankfully all our daughters and grand  kids will be in Maryland over the next two weeks to see her.

A very bitter sweet vacation.


DUTA said...

"..just six hours.." - that's a lot of hours on the road!
Sorry about your Mother's condition. The positive side is that she's got the support of a loving family.

Kid said...

Sig, only the best thoughts for you and yours on this trip and for your Mom. A friend at work's Mom has dementia and he relays how challenging that was while she was still at home. She's in professional care now, but no way it's good on any level.

sig94 said...

DUTA - Another five hours yesterday from MD to NC. Again, a great day for travel. We'll be stopping back in MD on our way back to NY. My sister and I are trying to get Mom's affairs all in order and our Power of Attorney has run into some snags. Still, now that I'm retired I get to see Mom a little more. She still recognizes me which is a real blessing. She's a tough old bird, always has been a scrapper.

sig94 said...

Kid - she could be worse, she has her bats**t moments and we had to take measures so she wouldn't hurt herself. Again, we are fortunate that she doesn't remember most of her shenanigans ... but the nurses do. She could surprise us by hanging on but to see the decline that she took in just a few months, well, I don't think she has very long.

My Dad died suddenly almost 27 years ago and I would rather prefer to go that way than what is happening to Mom. She said herself that she didn't except to live this long.