May 11, 2017

Democrats Are Scheming

♪Democrats are clowns (all these guys are clowns)
Their ignorance is on display (fills me with dismay)
All they do is talk (yak yak talk talk)♪
Just like donkeys they bray (they've got nothing to say)♫
There'll be no impeachment (no no impeachment)
♫Trump is gonna stay (Trump is gonna stay-aaay)
Democrats are scheming (democrats are scheming)
It's in their DNA

Schumer's on his perch♪
Squawking since Tuesday
♫Well, he says he's all concerned (all weewee'd up)
And Trump is gonna pay (no way Jose)
Now I might be worried (I might be worried)
If there was any foul play (Trump didn't go astray)♫
Democrats are scheming (democrats are scheming)
♪It's in their DNA

♪Democrats are scheming 
It's in their DNA
Democrats are scheming♫
They just won't go awaaaaaaaaaay

My apologies to the Mamas and Papas...
California Dreamin' is a great song, one of my favorites.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sing it with feeling.

Doom said...

But man are they done. Their elite are stumbling, stuttering, and tumbling into the grave. California, Illinois, and New York (City really), that's what it's being squeezed into. The problem? Republicans are pretty much taking over their positions, abandoning what we thought was their positions for what Dems are dying out of.

I wonder if deep state puts the squeeze on these turds as soon as they show up? I don't think that is going to work much longer? We'll see.