May 10, 2017

No Constitutional Crisis

Let's boldly re-enter yesteryear as a sitting President fires an FBI Director. The date is July 19, 1993, and the President is William J. Clinton.

There was no Constitutional crisis.
The firing occurred during the FBI's investigation of Clinton's involvement in Whitewater, the White House Travel Office scandal and Vince Foster's death (July 1993).
There was no panicky media reaction and no one got unhinged.
President Clinton fired FBI Director William S. Sessions yesterday, ending a six-month drama during which the former federal judge refused repeated requests from administration officials to resign.

Clinton telephoned Sessions yesterday afternoon to inform him that he had been fired and then called back several minutes later to remind him that the dismissal was "effective immediately." The president told reporters afterwards that he acted after Attorney General Janet Reno "reported to me in no uncertain terms that he {Sessions} can no longer effectively lead the bureau and law enforcement community" and that he agreed with that assessment.

Clinton, who said it was time to end "the turmoil now in the bureau" and "give the crime fighters the leadership they deserve," is expected to announce today that he has selected federal Judge Louis J. Freeh of Manhattan, a 43-year-old former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, to head the agency. Clinton interviewed Freeh at the White House for two hours on Friday night, press secretary Dee Dee Myers said.

Sessions was the first FBI Director to be fired in the history of that agency.
The NY Post had a great column on Comey's termination.


LL said...

The mainstream media, propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, can't be trusted to look out side and report the weather accurately.

sig94 said...

LL - hopefully millions more Americans will see that.

Kid said...

Dude, that's Different. clinton was a democrat.

sig94 said...

Kid - heh, that's the point.

Doom said...

The only constitutional crisis is their party has fallen down and been rejected at the lower levels, and finally on into the federal level. They don't believe they should have to earn the voters' votes, since they treat them like children, rob them like barons, and have their best interests at heart... which just so happens to strip them of their rights. Needing these peons to vote for them is... well... it's unheard of, insulting! Now quit with voter id and voting honesty lawfare. It's unreasonable for thieves to have to actually obtain the will of the people.

Honestly, I think Dems were allowed to control places, and in ways that aren't truly American in nature, in order to keep 'certain types' in check. Their greed and incompetence have lead to white flight which... well... Detroit. They really are angry that their gig doesn't work, and is being banished from politics because it tried to spread too voraciously. Their party is dead or America, at least as a possible run as the shining city on the hill, is over. With abortion, it cannot be that shining city.

sig94 said...

Doom - they have the same entitlement attitude that they fostered on the lofos.