May 9, 2017

Take This Iron And Shove It

There are those who love golf and those who don't.
I am in the latter group.
Both my father and my FIL loved to watch golf on television.
Me? I'd rather watch acne cream skin care commercials.
Who wins the Masters? Who cares when zits are a concern?

But golf does on occasion provide some entertainment.
Like this NY Post piece:
Masters champ now sucks so much that caddie fired himself

Danny Willett’s downward spiral since his Masters triumph has taken another bitter twist: He has been fired by his caddie.

Jonathan Smart, who was on Willett’s bag when he shocked the golfing world with his Augusta triumph 13 months ago, walked out on the golfer after a blazing tournament fight.

Willett accused Smart of giving him a bad yardage at the RBC Heritage event in South Carolina last month, the week after he missed the cut trying to defend his Masters title.
Now if Willett was a Marine sniper in Afghanistan I could understand.


LL said...

I'm afraid that I'm in the 'not a golfer' group as well.

HOWEVER, I was invited to a bachelor party at Laughlin, Nevada, right on the Colorado River. Part of the festivities was a golf thing. So I showed up, bought a bucket of range balls, two clubs and a putter, walked up to the course marshall and asked where the first tee was and what the course record was. I used every single range ball on the course, though to be honest, I whacked a number of them at passing boats. Because I'm not a golfer, I missed, but the effort was there. People playing behind me would hit balls up near where I was and I took their balls and used them against the boats as well when the range balls ran out. They (serious golfers who I worked with) were not amused. But I was scary Larry in those days and they excused me because I fired the balls off at the hoity-toity people in their fancy jet boats. That's my golfing story.

Kid said...

I love to play golf. Heaven to me is golfing spectacular courses with a caddie.

But damn, thought you were talking about the current Masters champ - Serrrrrrrrrrgio garcia who is a major ass.

sig94 said...

LL - I once gave myself an appendectomy while my FIL was sitting next to me watching golf. He didn't even look up as I screamed and threw the bloody, distended organ on the coffee table. What is it about golf? I even caddied as a teenager. Carry your clubs for 18 holes in 90 degree summer weather and get $2? Why thank you you miserable ....

sig94 said...

Kid - nothing ruins a nice walk through beautiful scenery like trying to smack a small, white dimpled sphere into a teacup. Nether the ball nor the teacup give a damn.