May 16, 2017

It's On

It is on. A full blown assault on the Office of the President. Disgraced ex-FBI Director James Comey and his accomplices are doing their utmost to bring down a sitting President while Hillary and Soros cackle and plot on the sidelines.

This must not be allowed to stand. The Democrats are creating a Constitutional crisis out of smoke and mirrors and the liberal media is supplying the smoke and mirrors. This is worse than the Gulf of Tonkin incident that immersed the US in a war that killed 52,000 GI's. That action was directed at the communists. Today's traitors are targeting us.

This is an attack on the very fabric that holds our nation together, that keeps us in civil harmony and away from each others throats. Once that gives, God help us.

The Democrats are pissing off the wrong people. We are not snot nosed college kids. This will not end well.

The liberal media is on a war footing and we need to know what is, and more importantly, what is not happening. The Federalist has published a guide on how to interpret the war news...

  1. In the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get it wrong.
  2. Don’t trust anonymous sources. If democracy dies in darkness, anonymity is not exactly transparent or accountable. Unless someone is willing to to put his or her name with a leak, be on guard. Pay attention to how well the reporters characterize the motivations of the anonymous leaker. All leakers have motivation. Does the paper seem to have a grasp on how the motivation affects the veracity of the leak?
  3. If someone is leaking national security information in order to support the claim of a national security violation, be on guard.
  4. If someone is claiming a serious national security crisis but not willing to go public with the claim and resign in protest of same, be on guard.
  5. Compare sources willing to put their name and reputation on the line.
  6. Big anti-Trump news brings out the fakers.
  7. Pay attention to the language that the media uses. Is a story about something unimportant being written in such a way as to make it seem more important?
  8. Beware confirmation bias. Everyone has the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories. Be on guard that you don’t accept critical or exonerating evidence to match your political preferences.
  9. Pay attention to how quickly and fully editors and reporters correct stories based on false information from anonymous sources. If they don’t correct at all, it’s an indication of a lack of respect.


Kid said...

Ok, Well, it is time to kill them all then. Start with the big ones.

LL said...

+1, Kid.

Kid said...


Adrienne said...

+2, Kid

sig94 said...

Always easier to start at the top of the list.

Doom said...

It has already been seen and noted. While the genie may be put back in the bottle, a lot of fat is going to have to be shaved off no matter what else happens. They may, at this point, have no choice but to indict and imprison the too-bigs (in pantsuits) and export at least one major fat-cat, and maybe family, to Russia (so we don't have to mess with the costs of cleanup).

Yeah. Well, that is the best case scenario. Don't really trust republicans. Either it'll go more that way or Trump will be impeached. Really, it's looking like it. He'd better realize, those moderates that have been steering him to "the middle"? That "middle" is a firing range, the worst part of it.

sig94 said...

Doom - Sessions has got to get his ass in gear. There are empty federal prison cells crying to be filled.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It's easy to see why the kids and young adults haven't been taught for all of these years. The Second Amendment is becoming more relevant everyday.

The taser has the wires, electrodes, and the controller?

sig94 said...

Odie - yes, the 2A may be our only solution.

And yes again, the kid used a stun gun, not a Taser which has a range of about 25 feet. He used the device when it was in contact with a conductive metal bracelet that he was holding and -BAM!- poopy pants.

Kid said...

Thanks folks. And I wasn't kidding.