May 20, 2017

Voter Fraud: It Is A Thing

Initial study of 28 states reveals 7.2 million duplicate voter registrations.

This study does not include the dead (unless they have dual registrations) and the four most populous states - California (39 million), Texas (27 million), Florida and New York (20+ million each) - are also not in the study. These four states alone comprise about a third of the US population (106 million).

More than 7 million voter registrations appear to be registered in two states simultaneously, according to data obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The new voter data was gathered from the Kansas-run interstate voter registration crosscheck program, which is used to identify "possible duplicate registrations among states."

The program began in December 2005 and conducted its first crosscheck in 2006. It is administered by the office of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who was tapped recently to help lead President Trump's voter fraud commission.

The newest data is from crosschecks of voter registrations across 28 states that participate in the program. At least 7.2 million registrations appeared in two states at once, according to the data.

Georgia (660,708), North Carolina (561,811), and Illinois (542,065) lead the 28 states studied in potential duplicated voter registrations across state lines.

The study shows that more than 916,000 people appear to be registered multiple times within their state of residence. North Carolina accounts for 90 percent of potential intrastate duplicates.
And of course the dems will scream racism.



LL said...

Since the voting scammers are all Democrats, I think that Republicans who are looking into this must be racist to have come to this conclusion.

LindaG said...

Very annoying.