May 18, 2017

How the 2nd Amendment Will Come In Handy

An Israeli is surrounded by a hostile Muslim mob. He is attacked and when trying to drive away he is cut off by an ambulance. At about 1:20 you see the crowd move away from him. That is because he just shot and killed one of the idiots and wounded a few more.

The way the leftists are threatening the peace and civility of our country, I can see this scenario playing out in many communities.



Kid said...

It does seem awfully close to this. Wouldn't take much.

LL said...

I can see that happening in the inner city...any inner city on any given day.

Doom said...

Inner city? The small college town near where I live has just as much risk as a big city. Colleges have to be fixed. Public ed has to be ended or corrected as well. Start with the start.

Doom said...

Actually, I do wonder if it hasn't happened already. The press, along with the police forces and political parties, would hide it. Especially if it involved blacks, muslims, or even leftists. They are hiding all criminal data, even now. I am surprised more people aren't arming up and carrying, illegally if they have to.