February 3, 2010

Preparation M

There is an infestation that has spread like a ravaging hemorrhoid across the face of the planet.

Radical Islam brings burning, itching misery to mankind’s tender, swollen tissues.

But there is a salve…

Blessings be upon you blue and yellow tube,

From within your depths relief doth exude!

But the impassioned object of this etude

Is not used to keep our buttcrack lubed.

Instead the inflamed piles grow

In lands where Islamic rhetoric flows.

So no more diplomatic charm,

Empty words cannot dispel alarm.

What is needed is another balm,

One more suitable to men of arms.


Toaster 802 said...

Personally, I have found Canadian Bacon in the 40mm size (37mm for civilian use) deposits a unclean (And still cooking) porcine slug at 1700 FPS. The offending terrorist is sent packing to the afterlife tainted as badly as if they had been sprayed by a skunk. Not the way to spend eternity...

George J said...

I'm not nearly as concerned about Radical Islamic terrorists as I am about my own government.

Odds against being blown up by a Radical Islamic terrorist? Maybe 1 in 100 million.

Odds of being virtually strip searched by those new fangled scanners(and have various other civil rights violated) while boarding a plane that might be blown up by Radical Islamic terrorists. Let's say 1 in 10.

You don't have to be a Vegas bookie to figure out which is the worse deal there! No, siree Jim-Bob!

LL said...

To me there is something about the kinetic effect of a .50 BMG round that causes the terrorist to come apart (precluding the possibility of recidivism). Some of the more sensitive among you will condemn me for overkill. However there is something majestic about something as simple as the M33 ball (706.7 grain) bullet and its effect on those who would murder the innocent.

Mind you, many have tried harsh language or Miranda rights and attorneys, but the results are not encouraging.

sig94 said...

George - The Iranians just put a satellite into orbit (read intermediate range with intercontinental capability just a matter of time)and are developing nuclear weapons. The odds are changing fast.

sig94 said...

LL - the .50 BMG is perscription strength.

The US AG is going to include finger wagging and tongue clucking with Mirandizing in an effort to completely break the terrorist's will to resist.

sig94 said...

Toast - packing to the after life - is that like moving to Bayonne, NJ?

George J said...

Sig 94,

This wasn't an "orbital" flight. It was sub-orbital and most probably was launched and recovered within Iranian territory.

A rocket only needs to go straight up about 100 km (60 miles) to be considered "in space".

Due to "reporters" and "journalist" who are largely ignorant of space flight terminology, the very short flight has been mis-labeled as being an "orbital" flight.

Currently Iran's most powerful missile has a range of about 2000 km (1080 NM).


Anonymous said...

We have a Marxist President named Hussein who wasn't born in the USA, who has a majority in the House and Senate and who gets a free pass from the media "watchdogs". What, me worry?

Anonymous said...

We are in a world of trouble!

Snarky Basterd said...

Preparation M ... I love it!

Opus #6 said...

As a woman, I am terrified of Islam.

Thank you, brave American Men, for standing up for my human rights.

Rhod said...

Opie, they'll never get to you. Promise. I'm on the other coast, but that doesn't matter.

Toaster 802 said...

Toast - packing to the after life - is that like moving to Bayonne, NJ?

Yes...If hell is you destination...

prashant said...

We are in a world of trouble!

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