October 5, 2010

Why Italy is Cool - #118

The Palio in Siena

This event dates back to the days when Pontius Pilate was flogging cheap roadside Greek sandals on the Appian Way.

It's cool because:

  1. It's run in the city square.
  2. Each horse.rider combo represents a district of the town.
  3. Insults fill the air like the aroma of cat pee at my sister Stella's condo.
  4. The riders ride bareback.
  5. The event is cause for many feasts and celebrations.
  6. The USA nannies would never allow such a race in... say... Detroit.


Anonymous said...

What does the winner get? A free rigatoni lunch?

That is cool, and I like the wipeouts. What is a good race w/o wipeouts?

I am chuckling re: Detroit ... I can see it, with NEA union captains from each public school as officials.

Doom said...

I do like the idea of it. It would bring community back to neighborhoods. I am guessing that whatever prize is won is nothing compared to being a local hero. Even risking the competition would set apart the men from the boys.

As for Detroit, I think they have something like it. They are called gangs. Different rules, but thankfully only people get hurt. *grumbles*

sig94 said...

Nickie - Detroit has something very similar to this. It occurs after Thanksgiving and is called "Black Friday at Walmart's." The women are much bigger than the Italian horses and there's a lot more gunfire.

sig94 said...
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banned said...

It's cool because the miserabilst Righteous want to ban it (for the sake of the hooooorsees, bless).

Anonymous said...

This video made me so emotional, I almost dropped my meatball. No, Sig, that is not a euphemism.

Anonymous said...

DC... You could hold the thing in Flint and race the horses around Michael Moore.

Anonymous said...

Doom... If they did all their drive-byes on a horse, it might lend the town a little class.

Anonymous said...

Banned... they're gonna ban breathing soon. I'm not joking. Of course, that'll be after they figure out how to tax breathing.