October 5, 2010

Sister Obama's November Surprise

Well the polls came out on Sunday and I'm now so damn depressed
That I punted Rahm on Monday when he left this awful mess.
I ain't ready to leave the White House but I do agree this time,
That impeachment could be the next stop down the line.

Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you, America's Midterm November Surprise.
I no longer fool the public, they can see right through my lies.
I am such a poor performer, my incompetence blows their mind,
You know I only do well when the media keeps them blind.

Will the House split down the middle? Will the House go Republican?
Will the Democrats keep a little? Will they lose the the whole floor plan?
Well I tried to fake it, I hate to say it, I just am unfit.
**doo wop doo wop**

Maintaining a musical metaphor, the blind fold is slip-sliding away. Within the next month we may witness a historic reversal of fortune for the democrats.

Gallup’s astonishing numbers and the Lake Superior congressional districts

Late yesterday, Gallup came out with new numbers on the generic ballot question—which party’s candidates would you vote for in the election for House of Representatives? Among registered voters Gallup shows Republicans ahead by 46%-42%, about as good a score as Republicans have ever had (and about as bad a score as Democrats have ever had) since Gallup started asking the question in 1942.

However, Gallup also shows the results for two different turnout models. Under its “high turnout model” Republicans lead 53%-40%. Under its “low turnout model” Republicans lead 56%-38%.

These two numbers, if translated into popular votes in the 435 congressional districts, suggest huge gains for Republicans and a Republican House majority the likes of which we have not seen since the election cycles of 1946 or even 1928. For months, people have been asking me if this year looks like ’94. My response is that the poll numbers suggest it looks like 1994, when Republicans gained 52 seats in a House of 435 seats. Or perhaps somewhat better for Republicans and worse for Democrats. The Gallup high turnout and low turnout numbers suggest it looks like 1894, when Republicans gained more than 100 seats in a House of approximately 350 seats.

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Lynnae said...

I'll take either one of those '94 scenarios. Go November!

sig94 said...

Lynnae - oh me too, me too!

Wetzy said...


Hoping the Blind Will See said...
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Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Count me in! But, in examining my feelings on the subject, I guess I won't be really happy unless the Republicans "run up the score"! I want to see a complete rout!! THAT would send Washington a message - both parties! The people have the power, and if we can do it to one party, we can do it to the other. Beware the voter!!

Anonymous said...

Lynnae... I'm beginning to feel guilty about having such high expectations. It's like the Christmases of my yout.

Anonymous said...

Hoping, we've gotta have enough victories to kick ObamaCare in the balls.

sig94 said...

Hoping - this is like the Bowl Championship Series. We need to do it this year and again two years from now. I don't use the Super Bowl analogy because these aren't professionals. They are rank amateurs - good only for screwing up the plays

sig94 said...

Wetzy - soon, soon.

sig94 said...

Nickie - I can't afford to let myself get giddy. Last time I did that I went through 2 gallons of Rocky Road and a case of Yoohoo before my wife could load the tranq gun.

Anonymous said...

Cue Prince ...

"We gonna party like it's Eighteen-Ninety-Four ... "

Best line I've heard (just above Kid's quest for "carnage") is Rush's postulating that we might be on our way to a landslide of "biblical proportions."

Makes me laugh all over again. We can hope. I agree with Hoping. We need a BIG win ... to send a message. This is bigger than politics. This is what happens when you give the American people the finger.

They give it back ... and you get the boot.