December 29, 2010

Bloomberg On The Case

GNN - Today, New York City's Progressive Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, put aside his proposed food flavor restrictions and turned his attention to complaints about snow removal efforts in the city's boroughs. Bloomberg hinted that the complaints were made by sissies, and he cited a metric never before used for this city service, claiming that "96 percent" of New York's streets had been cleared of snow.

The Mayor went on to note that new state-of-the-art hiring kiosks were deployed city-wide to boost the number of workers in NYC's Department of Public Works. Bloomberg, facing tough re-election prospects because the public-to-private employee ratio has dipped severely from 112:1 to 111:1, said that he would focus his attention on this shortfall "like a laser beam".


Anonymous said...

Lazar? Is that Jewish?

Rhod said...

You're thinking of Abe "Laser" Beame, that other mayor of NYC, Zio.

Anonymous said...

So Bloomberg has dusted off the faithful old SEIU graftwagon. He's serious now.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he will find that this is the work of some guy disgruntled about the health care law.