December 29, 2010

Global warming is killing old folks. Quick - Build more windmills!

(UK) About half a million pensioners spent Christmas in bed, in order to keep warm. It is more complex than just fuel poverty, but it is certainly the case that every new windmill and every new middle-class solar panel user, milking the system for the feed-in-tariff, is putting heating out of the reach of still more pensioners.

What people forget, though, is that the greenie objective, quite deliberately, is to increase the cost of energy, firstly to discourage its use and secondly to make inefficient alternatives more attractive. By this means, greenie policies put pensioners in bed ... and hasten them to their coffins.

Hat Tip to EUReferendum


Anonymous said...

It is happening in the U.S.A. too.

Gorges Smythe said...

We have old people on farms here in West Virginia who would have free gas from wells on their farms, if it weren't for government regulations (pushed by oil and gas companies).

Rhod said...

Climate control is one road to population control. Winter kills, and does the work of the extinctionists and the new Malthusians.

CambridgeLady said...

Do not fear ...... all the energy companies in the UK are in private hands these days - so that old competition lowering prices/free market correction thingummy should kick in and the bills will be down before you know it. Surely? I've only been waiting about 20 years now .....

IMO, part of the reason we endure high energy prices in the UK is because we are so dependent on energy sourced overseas. Anything we can do to be more self sufficient has to be a good thing and we would be wise to focus on renewables - because we can! - and wean ourselves off oil.

The elderly should be able to claim winter fuel allowances that will keep them warm over the winter. It's a good scheme which sounds like it could be better organised so that all our vulnerable people get the help they need. No doubt our current government will attend to this immediately :S

Happy New Year to all of the Goomba team!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Let's heat the place with Greenie Weenies.

The_Kid said...

Nickie, remember when France had an unusually warm summer and many died because they were on the cusp and couldn't take the extra heat?

We're going to be hearing similar stories only this time it will be the cold.

These folks predicted this harsh winter and say you haven't seen anything yet. The next 25 years are going to be brutal for the UK area of Europe and the North East USA.

Cambridge Lady, he's English I believe ! Piers Corbyn that is.