January 3, 2011

Bare, brief truths in 2011

Greetings. Well, it appears that 2011 is indeed here, as the 111th Congress was unable to extend 2010 indefinitely. I have already wished you a Happy 2011, but I thought I would get you a pic of Baby Goomba in his dress uni for the New Year. Of course, that pic was taken prior to the invention of the flash bulb, as you can imagine ... c. 1927, I believe.

On a personal note, the coming "semester" of my life promises to be a busy one, with the demands of real life pressing in on all sides. I would much rather have time to pontificate. So, my ramblings in these here parts will likely be sparce through the end of May or so.

Yet, I am sure the Great GNN will rock along swimmingly with its low-paid but talented correspondents. You see, Goomba acribes to the belief that one fails to get ahead by overpaying the hired help. Still, our professionalism compels us to march onward. Personally, I am paid handsomely in shipments of Chili Powder from Sam's Club. But I digress ...

These days I am finding that the quick hits of the Facebooks, Twitter and such are more to my liking. If you want to track me down on these other internets, drop me a note at dcutter-at-gmail-dot-com.

You know, posting on a blog leaves me looking for the perfect phrase, link (how do you HTML, again?), back-up materials, etc. I wish that Blogger made it as easy to "slap a link" up like other sites do. I wonder what gives.

Still, I'll be out here. Maybe I will throw up a quick hitter every now and again, or bust some one's chops if they say something dumb, like "my bad," "bipartisanship," "dude," "oy," etc.

But for now, let me throw out a few random thoughts for your perusal and edification (I am working on this brevity thing, you see):

* The American Revolution was won without a single blogger, but all manner of volunteers were required. There are myriad ways to serve the nation. So, get to it.

* What 9/11 did on the issue of national security, the Obama Admin has done on the economic front. National security is impossible without economic solvency. As conservatives, we own the battlefield of ideas.

* The most important spheres of influence are those closest to us. Take care of the homefront, your neighborhood, and work. Then, move out.

*Above all, be true to yourselves. Let no mortal define your boundaries. Leave that only to the Creator who endows us with our liberty.

* Remember that a coward dies a thousand deaths.

* Be positive. Bitter, negative people are unpersuasive (and usually post-modern leftists, any way).

* We stand on the shoulders of giants. We owe it to them to press forward.

That's all for now.

So, see you on the beach as we advance the cause of freedom.

And see you around this here blog, as well.

Semper Fidelis


The_Kid said...

DC, fwiw, when I read your posts, I always hear Mark Levin's(sp) voice.

Have a good one.

Opus #6 said...

DC, I am certain that the "bad congress" would have outlawed all future elections if they could have. Heck. They tried to pass an Obamacare budget overriding the subsequent congress. Bunch of criminals.

I will say one thing, though. When I first visited this blog, it was written as a pamphlet "to the inhabitants of America". I have since learned about Samuel Adams' pamphlets and that he produced writings for 15 years prior to the shooting war that liberated Americans. First he had to liberate their hearts. The rest was just details.

Anonymous said...

Kid, that is high praise. Cheers.

And Opie, that's good stuff. God bless you for keeping up the fight in SoCal. Stay strong.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Dude, My bad, I came here to read about a new year of bipartisanship, oy!

Got em all ... DC, those are great ideas and words to live by. Now I know where Nickie gets his smarts.

sig94 said...

DC - keep plugging away. We'll keep your desk just as you left it, sans the Peppermint Patties. Nickie just goes crazy when he smells peppermint.