January 8, 2011

The Trotskyist propaganda must be stopped!

What with all the Christmas shopping and the New Year's merriment, we've all gone and missed the December meeting of the Stalin Society.
February 1943 saw the turning point in the fight against Nazi fascism with the Red Army victory at Stalingrad. As the fascist General, Von Paulus, surrendered the world witnessed the incredible scene of the hitherto invincible Nazi war machine being defeated by the heroic troops of the Soviet Union. Yet bourgeois historians are so falsifying our history that millions have been forced to ‘forget’ the spectacular role played by the Soviet Union in the defeat of fascism and the fact that it was made possible because of the socialist system established by the Bolsheviks and built up by Stalin for several decades.

his film, a restoration of the original Soviet movie made in 1949 with English subtitles is a valuable aid to understand our history and an appropriate tribute to Stalin as we celebrate his birth on 21 December 1879. This film is a vivid re-enactment of what happened at Stalingrad, with the script written by Nikolai Virta, and the score composed by Aram Khachaturian. It lasts for 3 hours, so please arrive on time in order not to miss any of this epic Soviet film.
We missed the 3-hour film and, of course, Comrade Hardcastles' lemon squares. Damn!


Wetzy said...

I was at the Pol Potapalooza instead.

Rhod said...

Communism is the political "philosopy" of wankers, girly men and females with moustaches. They come from families where Vege-Matics and the Pocket Fisherman were heirlooms, and Spray-On-Hair was a medical miracle.

I have to exempt our old friernd Scunnert from these categories. His examples were different. Anyone growing up in Scotland would be crazy if he didn't want to overthrow the established order.

sig94 said...

OMG - are they still flogging Trotsky? That poor bastard! Driving an ice pick through his head just wasn't enough.

Flogging Trotsky.

Sounds like a great name for an Irish rock band, heh?

Rhod said...

Hitchens once observed that in commie language "Trotskyite" is an epithet (because Trotsky was anti-Stalinist) and "Trotskyist" was respectable. "Leftist retards" is accurate for both.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I missed it ... I was stuck in Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

Wetzy... that mosh pit is deadly.

Anonymous said...

"Communism is the political "philosopy" of wankers, girly men and females with moustaches."

And men with ponytails.

Anonymous said...

Sig... That's the trouble with politics - a shortage of ice-breaking implements.

Anonymous said...

Woody... How many fingers am I holding up?

The_Kid said...

Have you ever tried Russian Potatoes? Pretty darn good actually with a wisp of citrus.

Not 'gourmet' food but you know, not bad.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Nickie, which hand?

banned said...

The system Stalin created was not 'socialist' or 'communist', it was a simple dictatorship not disimilar to Hitlers regime but the fact is that it DID stop Germany from winning the war.

Had Russia remained a backward monarchy or a become a feeble, divided Liberal Democracy Hitler would have easily overun her and then been able to turn his full resources upon the only remainiong enemy, Britain.

Had Britain been defated or forced to become a Vichy style vassal the USA would have had no base from which to have taken part in D-Day and would have had to make do with just winning the war in the Pacific.