January 8, 2011

We must do something to help Schizophrenics like Jared Lee Loughner




Anonymous said...

It's never too soon, anon, to mock government and the media.

christian soldier said...


if this was produced after the shootings today-they are 'quick on the draw'--if this was produced before today-they could be regarded as prophetic..

used to frequent the O network--thanks for 'bringing me back' to it-

Anonymous said...

Christians and soldiers are some of my favorite people.

T. F. Stern said...

By now you already have your own black ops team following you every where, tap your phones and look into all your email. Don't let this bother you, it's standard procedure for conservative tea party bloggers to have those surgical implants so the govt. knows your where abouts.

The_Kid said...

Very Good Nickie. Almost had me in the first bit there.

And I'll bet real money there are plenty of folks out there who would go for most of this.

My wife told me she heard some liberal idiot on the radio talking about how she felt for the shooter and what might have been able to be done to help him. I'm telling you, (well anyone who will listen); Liberals don't give a S* about the victims. Doesn't even cross their 'mind'.

Rhod said...

If the Tea-Partier-as-racist-serial-killer doesn't hold up, and hate-slinging dung beetles like Paul Krugman can't pin the Arizona killings on Bush, you'll learn that the provision on page 1,719 of the health care bill would have prevented it.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Everyone is after me ... the voices told me.