September 22, 2012

A Fantastic Weekend

Things really took a surprsing turn for us this weeked.

First our Soldier Girl (now an E5 so I guess she's Sgt. Girl) called me Thursday afternoon and asked how things were going yada yada yada. This entire month has been real hellish and I was trying to decompress. I was just settling down on the sofa to talk with her when she walks into the livingroom. If I had false teeth I would have dropped them. Turns out she was in MD for some intel training and the class let out early so she drove home. Brat. But she wasn't finished with us.

Turns out Sgt. Girl blew me off yesterday morning (I wanted to go look at lighting and tile for the kitchen) so she could go shopping; instead she drove down to SUNY Oneonta to pick up her sister. They were plotting this all week and the youngest had exams or she would haver come home with her sister on Thursday.

So when they got home the little brat hid out in her room for two hours while I was going over some final prep work with our contractor (she starts our kitchen/dining room remodel on Monday). We were getting ready to go to dinner last night with our daughters and SIL when our youngest walked in the kitchen. The look on my wife's face was precious. Thank God she doesn't have false teeth either.

So we were all together last night for a fantastic meal at a great Italian restaurant. When all four daughters get together things get crazy and last night was no exception. I hope the restaurant (Santangelo's in Liverpool) lets us back. The food was incredible.

Sgt. Girl has to go back to MD to finish her class on Monday and then returns to Ft. Bragg. She'll drop her sister off at school on the way down tomorrow.

Still, a fantastic weekend. The wife and I won't forget this one anytime soon. They're all out shopping now so I'll nap out for a spell.


Rock Smash said...

Made me feel good to read that. Good for you, and thanks for sharing.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad they got to see you and vice-versa.

Anonymous said...

Sir, you are blessed.

Subvet said...

Outstanding! Hope you have many more such good times with the family.

sig94 said...

Thank you all. Just when you think that your head is gonna explode, God pulls something like this on ya.

WoFat said...

Max good luck to your E-5.

Kid said...

Sig, NICE !!!!

I love good endings.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

My wife is one of four sisters. It can get CRAZY!

Doom said...

Somehow I doubt if those apples fall far from the tree. Sneaking up on people and all? You deserve the good surprises you get. Sneaky women cat types though! :p