September 20, 2012

Barak's Butcher Shop

Okay Obama, I'll have a few Mexican chops and a ration of Benghazi bacon. And have Hillary throw in a half pound of sliced SEALS and we're done. Wrap it up in paper.

Obama's hands are bloody. Murder N' Mayhem, Inc. run right out of the White House. Operation Fast N' Furious has killed hundreds.

The Ulsterman Report and the White House Insider have a few things to say about this:
That’s the one – tied directly to Fast and Furious – laid out the real intent of all that gunrunning. They wanted things to get f-cked up. They wanted those drug lords killing off each other and if some poor innocent bastards get blown away in the crossfire, all the better, right? Make Americans…make enough of them, hate the idea of gunforever. Be lucky to get a water gun out there after they done with it. And I ain’t talking exaggerations here. The Democrats – ones who control the party now…taking guns away is right at the top of their priorities list. Way up there.
Next up, Ambassador Stevens and several ex-SEALS.
What if that ambassador…well…let’s say he came across certain information…damaging to the administration. Why is he flying into that consulate in Benghazi? Cover of night. No security precautions. Anti-Western sentiment reaching critical levels. It’s almost like he was trying to keep his whereabouts unknown to his own government. Right? And that bullsh-t little YouTube video thing? It had been out for…what – months? Nobody gave a sh-t about it. NOBODY.

But then it is being used as the spark to start the fire? Who did that? Who would want to get those sand…get those people are riled up like that? And the administration – they are saying it was that video right out of the gate, right? Like it was a packaged excuse ready to go. Packaged means it was part of something bigger. A bigger plan, right?

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