September 17, 2012

It's TimeTo Pack Up and Go Home

 Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr.
Murdered by an Afghan police officer

Enough is enough. Stop trying to establish democratic principles in a nation that is still mired in 7th century tribalism and whose people will not help themselves.

Don't read this article  if you're taking heart medication.
From the UK Telegraph:
'I waited until they took off their body armor off... and then I shot them dead:' Chilling account of 'green on blue' attack by Afghan who killed two U.S. soldiers

An Afghan man has confessed to shooting dead two American soldiers who were training him as a police officer in an attack which took place three years ago.

In a chilling and candid account, the unidentified man said he had waited until Sergeant Aaron Smith and Private First Class Brandon Owens had taken off their body armour before calmly gunning them down in Wardak Province, central Afghanistan.

His confession comes just a day after four American soldiers were gunned down by Afghan police at a checkpoint in a similar incident. The latest in a spate of so-called green-on-blue attacks.

Two British troops were also killed at a checkpoint at a different base in the south of the country on Sunday.
Spray their poppy fields with Agent Orange and let them fight over the rubble. Let them use their athletic arenas as killing fields, it's their stinking country, let them rot in it.


Subvet said...

Amen. They're animals and content to remain so. We've been there long enough for them to grow some spine of their own and keep the followers of the Pedophile Prophet from ruling them. If they don't want to stand up for themselves, too bad and so sad. Just let them remember that when it starts spilling over into our interests we'll be back and not pussyfoot around next time.

banned said...

Our good old BBC keep telling us that these crimes are committed by by men "pretending" to be Afghan policemen.

We don't believe them.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Sig94: I'm sure you know, I've been saying this for a while. There is a reason that Afghanistan is known as The Graveyard of Empires. It is indeed "mired in 7th Century tribalism" and that will never change. The only thing the Afghan ethnicities hate more than each other is those foreigners stupid enough to step in to try to civilize them.

Ok if I crosspost your at my blog?

Kid said...

I'm with ya. B52's and cruise missiles anytime they look like they're getting to critical mass.

sig94 said...

Subvet - we should have learned from the Rooskies. Never should have armed those savages with Stingers and let the Rooskies fight them for the next 100 years or until Jesus returns, which ever comes first.

sig94 said...

banned - who knows how the Afghanis staff their LEA's? You wonder if there is any system in place at all.

sig94 said...

LA - I hear ya - go right ahead.

sig94 said...

Kid - we'd just be moving the rubble around a bit.