September 8, 2012

Canada Gives Iran The Boot Before Israel Gives It The Business

From Yahoo News:
Canada shut its embassy in Tehran on Friday, severed diplomatic relations and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave, accusing the Islamic Republic of being the most significant threat to world peace.

The surprise action reinforces the Conservative government's close ties with Tehran's arch foe Israel but also removes some of Washington's eyes and ears inside the Iranian capital.

It comes as Iran's talks with world powers over its nuclear program have stalled and Israel is weighing the option of a military strike to prevent it from developing atomic weapons. Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful objectives only.

The move also underscores the widening gaps between Western countries' attempts to isolate and punish Iran and Tehran's efforts to forge closer ties with energy-hungry Asian trading partners such as India and Pakistan to counter Western sanctions. Iran's recent push to bolster and redefine its links with Asia makes the break with Canada a less serious blow to Tehran than it would have been years ago.


Doom said...

When all Western and allied countries pull their diplomats I will know it is time. If some Western nation is left when the attack begins, I will assume that they are not considered... how to put this... an ally of... the West. Or they are purely distrusted (or know but kept their diplomats there in order to cause problems all around).

Remember, when they started the most recent European war they didn't just leave certain nations' embassies there, they actively bombed China's embassy. If I suspect it was because the Chinese were actively using equipment in the embassy to help target NATO planes and do other things (communications relays?).

So... as I don't know... whose embassies remain? GB's I believe. Not sure who else is there.

sig94 said...

Doom - Great Britain closed its embassy last November after Iranians vandalized it. They also tossed Irani diplomats out of England and have all but shut down relations with them. Due to the trade sanctions I believe many European embassies are also lightly staffed. Some are being kept open just to provide back channel communications so England and the US can swap threats with Iran.

Well at least England, Obama has proved to be Iran's beeyotch.