September 5, 2012

First Empty Chairs, Now Empty Stadiums For An Empty Suit

 Nope, no DNC conventioneers here.

None here either.

 Still looking...

Hey! We got one!

Obama's woes include no jobs, no hope and no asses to fill a stadium.

From the NY Post:
Top aides on President Obama’s re-election team are terrified that there will be scores of empty seats when he makes his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, party insiders said.

Obama, once the biggest draw in politics, won’t likely attract crowds as large as those at the 2008 convention because voters have gone sour on the poor economy, insiders said.

“It’s always a concern about making sure there aren’t empty seats, but this is different,” said one Democratic official familiar with the convention plans.

“This is a different time than four years ago. It’s a different convention. And the president is viewed differently.”


Gorges Smythe said...

I wonder what the guy means? I view him EXACTLY as I did four years ago. I knew that he was evil then, and I know he's evil now!

sig94 said...

Gorges - he must be referring to those voters who are no longer drinking that particular brand of Koolaid.

They Say/We Say said...

-I just saw the Dem convention lead in. They replaced the statute of liberty's face with Mooschells.
Can anyone say subliminal brainwashing?
The statute was shown quickly, then the flag and another shot of the statute - but with Mooschil's face, all quickly.

Doom said...

The real problem is that Democrats are notoriously chaotic and undependable as is, but they are also completely dependent upon what other people think about them and what they do. With Zero having become toxic in even their hyena circles... still... trouble filling 70k seats? Is 20k people really that hard in a nation of 360m? Really? Wow, this isn't about bounce, or on the fence, or even split, this is about a landslide election from the top of the ticket down that may erase the Democratic Party, if there is yet one more election cycle (two really, next pres and the midterm between). But if what looks to be happening here happens, and continues to happen?

If this goes down, prepare for Zero to have fundamentally changed America... just... not in the way he had thought. Of course, that would only be the beginning. And we would have to watch things very closely. But seriously... I am almost starting to think it's coming. It it does happen, and there is no coupe... I will be able to die... easier.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

DuhWon asks, "Do the little people still love me?" Your answer would have been an empty stadium.

sig94 said...

DOOM- You may be right, I pray you're right. Pres. Reagan said it best, that we are never more than a generation away from losing all our liberties.

For decades the flame under the pot has been slowly turned up, higher and higher, while America sat in the stew doing little or nothing.

Well, that changed under the Obama cooker. The flames were turned on full blast and people finally started to notice. Now they are sweating it.

sig94 said...

TSWS - Statue of Bitterness

sig94 said...

Odie - Under Obama's watch too many little people are on the dole, and yet, even they don't bother to show up.