September 7, 2012

There's Nothing Wrong With Billy Jeff's Backhand

Keep your friends close and your enemies...

Ulsterman gives some insight as to the backstage scene at the 2012 DNC Convention and the backhand Clinton gave to Obama right in the puss during prime time.
Bill’s speech was double the time they gave him. Had Obama waiting. Kept the current POTUS waiting for almost an hour. Handlers not happy. Jarrett pissed. They do that little shake at the end when Obama walks out. Backstage, Bill says something like, “He wanted to break my hand.” He’s laughing it off. Knows what he wanted to do was done. Obama storms off. The two were all smiles onstage. Backstage, they parted. Bill’s getting congratulated and Obama is gone. Told somebody, was a woman so assume Jarrett but didn’t ask for clarification, took Bill aside and was shaking her finger in his face for a moment. Bill leaned down and whispered something to her and she walks off. He goes back to smiling and the handshakes. Classic Clinton. The smiling assassin. And what is the feedback today? That Obama’s speech was not as good as Clinton's. That he isn’t Clinton. Look up the Bentsen reference. That’s what we saw Clinton pull off this week.

There's more there in the article about the 2008 convention and some strange goings on with Obama. Just follow the links Ulsterman provides or just go here for the entire miniseries. It's a long read but well worth it.

There's interesting information about the death of a Democratic operative (Kam Kuwata) who witnessed these events and made the mistake of talking about it and the democratic treasurer, Kinde Durkee, who stole Sen. Feinstein's campaign accounts.


Dr. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, M.D. said...
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Anonymous said...

This part right here from usterman: Insider: Yeah boy…right the f-ck through him. He didn’t recognize…my friend…he had been introduced to Obama not more than a day before. He was helping organize the whole fu–ing event there in Denver. He spoke to the president…to the nominee…probably for about ten minutes. And there was nothing odd at that time…Obama seemed like what everybody saw in public. Not what my friend saw go into that room…or what he saw come out of that room. And Barack Obama – my friend was very…he made a point of emphasis there – Barack Obama did not recognize him in the hall. Not a clue. He smiled down at him, shook his hand…kept repeating thank you over and over again…and his eyes were always blinking. Fast.

obama went into that room and was smoking crack cocaine.