September 4, 2012

The Chicago Way

Chicago - Nine people were killed last weekend and 56 wounded; nineteen people were shot in one night. The violence is staggering.
At least 10 people were wounded in shootings throughout the city – mainly on the South Side – Thursday night and Friday morning. Since last Thursday, at least 82 people have been wounded or killed in shootings in Chicago.
So how does the City of Chicago react to this incredible violence? By sending 50 Chicago police officers to Charlotte, NC, to provide security for Obama during the Democratic National Convention.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
The Chicago Police Department sent a contingent of officers to help out with security at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

On Sunday, I spotted officers from Chicago's Shakespeare and Austin Districts and the academy at the Charlotte Convention Center. A Chicago Police Department spokesman told my colleague, Chicago Sun-Times City Hall reporter Fran Spielman that about 50 officers are in Charlotte and that their salary and expenses will be reimbursed by the host city.

Chicago is returning the favor--Charlotte loaned police personnel to Chicago for the May NATO Summit.
Hell, that's what I'd do in the midst of a shooting frenzy in my city. I'd make sure that I sent half a hundred of my best cops 800 miles away so they could parade around a convention center in a city where there is no implicit or implied threat of violence directed against this particular event.

Unless of course they are afraid that all those empty chairs showing up all over America might be thrown at them.


Doom said...

Yeah, well, southsiders aren't Obama neighbors, or... really worthy of any real extra attention. Chicago is NOT going to send the troops into a shooting gallery anyway, nor should they really. Still, they need to keep the plague from spreading, which... just became a whole lot more complicated. Ah, but all the cops will end up with more overtime! That should be a boost for the unions? Bah!

Yeah, I know... might be the wrong page for that, but... I tread where angels might consider otherwise. (Or you can, essentially, call me a butthead like Stacey or his sidekick did when I ditzed Romney for being no more than a new hope and change... unless they could provide three conservative/libertarian proposals Romney will definitely do). Hehe

The Underground Pewster said...

Charlotte is just trying to be prepared. They are afraid that those seven aged code pinksters demonstrating in this video might turn violent.

sig94 said...

Doom - Romney is pretty much the anti-Obama and that is how he'll get elected, not on his conservative credentials. That's Paul Ryan's job.

sig94 said...

Pewster - maybe they fear the invasion of giant vaginas?