March 12, 2014

Por Favor, No Más

Dear Lord, let this be the last of it for the season.

It doesn't look very bad in the picture, but the snow is coming down at 3/4" to an inch an hour. It's supposed to keep snowing for the next sixteen hours.

That's not clouds in the background, that's snow. You should be able to see four or five houses right behind me, the interstate and a whole bunch of other homes. Only one, the closest on the left, is visible.

Yesterday it was beautiful, 50 and sunny.

The County let us go early this afternoon and I came home to about 7-8" in the driveway. And it is that wet, heavy snow. It's like shoveling cement.

One of my daughters was over to do her wash and helped me shovel much of the driveway. My cardiologist would bury his boot up my arrhythmia if he knew I was shoveling snow.

Pete, my good guy neighbor across the street, is out now with his snow blower doing driveways and sidewalks. God bless him.


LL said...

Heart health trumps a snow free driveway any day.

Blame Al Gore.

sig94 said...

LL - my wife reminded of that in no uncertain terms when she got home.

WoFat said...

And in North Alabama we still bitch about the cold. Then the pollen.

Longbow said...

Take care of yourself and stay warm. It can't snow for ever. Be well and God Bless!

Knucklehead said...

You are blessed, as I am, with a daughter(s) who helps shovel the driveway (and other chores, most likely).

Now that the DDs are grown and moved away, My Bride digs in to take their places. I would have thought she'd prefer the insurance payout to the shoveling but perhaps I am more charming and desirable than I imagine.

Sometimes we forget how many years have passed. A snow storm or four ago My Bride spotted me across the street digging out an "elderly" neighbor's plow pile. She was not amused. Among the clauses of the particular version of the riot act she read to me was something about me no longer being the young man helping the old folk as I was now an old folk who should be helped by the young men. They don't seem to come around much.

BTW, I'm predicting this past winter will be something like "normal" over the next few years. Like the decade beginning in the late '50s - cold and lottsa snow.

sig94 said...

Knucklehead - listen to yer wife; I should do that more often but there's still a little kid in me that says "I kin do it!"

But I have given up my dreams to be an astronaut or a NASCAR driver.

sig94 said...

Longbow - thanks! It is mid-March and things should be warming up eventually even for central NY.

sig94 said...

WoFat - I blew it when I turned down a cop position in the Virgin Islands back in '78.