March 13, 2014

Johnny Angel

My daughter called me this afternoon to ask me a question regarding information she had received from my grandson. His friends showed him a nude picture of a girl in his middle school; she had sent it to one boy's cell phone and of course it went from him to his friends and their friends. I told her it was a felony to possess or transmit this image file and to inform the school principal immediately. The principal was already aware as was the child's parents; the local police are investigating it as well.

I feel bad for this young girl - only 13 or 14 years old. Those images will never go away and she will have a potential source of embarrassment hanging over her head for many years.

There are reasons, none good, why she did this. Lack of judgement and naivete are two of them. The social and emotional pressures on young people today are enormous and so many lack the stability and maturity to resist them.

It truly was a lot easier "back in the day" when sex was seen irrevocably tied to marriage. Our culture then supported that notion and it was reflected in our pop music. "Going to the Chapel" by the Dixie Cups was one such example. Another was "Johnny Angel."

It is really really tough to stay a kid nowadays.


Doom said...

Further? I have heard of cases where, because teens do typical teen things and pass it on? They get charged with child porn, and even are forced onto the sex offender registry. That isn't solving anything. Some things need to have the law set aside and allow parents to deal with these matters. I'm not even sure I trust most school admins. Too feminist and wrong. Charging a teen, whose only crime is sending on material that was sent to them, is insane.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm afraid those days are forever gone.