March 14, 2014

Pray For Ukraine

Around 1971 or so I was into dirt bikes and met a young Czech refugee who was quite a rider on his Bultaco one-lunger. He had spent six months in an Italian refugee camp before getting a visa to live with his aunt in Syracuse.

This teenager left Czechoslovakia with two of his friends (they were in high school!) after the Russians invaded in August of 1968. They snuck into Italy from Yugoslavia by evading armed border guards and dogs - quite a story for he was only 16 years old at the time. His friends were frightened at the presence of all the border security and returned home.

He had lived on a farm with his parents and woke up that night to the sound of hundreds of Russian tanks, armored vehicles and troop transports driving by his house. The farm house shook from the military traffic. Needless to say he had no use for Russia or Communism.

How come no one listens to the real zealous anti-communists who actually were forced to live under it?

Apparently the Rooskies are going to do it again 45 years later, this time to Ukraine. 
Pray for Ukraine.
Pray for America.


Doom said...

We had some escaped Romanians living with us when I was in my teens. One of them was good, the other was a turd I would have seen returned if I had the option.

Some men, regardless of what they think, really aren't ready for freedom. He was still a socialist and just wanted free stuff. The other became a mechanic, and good one, and earned his keep. Neither, however, liked Americans much. We expected them to work.

While the one did do just that, he never liked the idea of being held to standards, having to show up on time and sober, and things. Bleh.

WoFat said...

It's the obama way.

sig94 said...

Doom - yes, one of the problems of a socialist upbringing is suddenly being held to capitalist standards which include accountability and workmanship. And that's another reason why some unions are more like communists.

sig94 said...

WoFAt - yes, we have a good, little obedient socialist in the White House.

Fredd said...

Sig: SOME unions are more like communists? Sig, ALL unions are by definition communist in nature. Nobody better than anybody else, everybody makes the same pay regardless of merit. Why work harder than the other guy, when all you get is the stink eye from the union steward when you make the other slugs look bad by hustling while your brethen lean on shovels and slack.

Don't get me started....