August 31, 2014

Hell To Pay

The QuikTrip gas station/convenience store in Ferguson, MO, was looted and burned during the riots. The gas tanks have been emptied and the store will not be rebuilt.

And the locals are pissed.
On August 10, 2014, the Ferguson, Missouri, the local QuikTrip was looted and torched during riots over the shooting death of 18 year-old Michael Brown.

The QuikTrip was completely destroyed during the Ferguson riots.

Ferguson protesters later warned local business owners to rebuild:
“Or it’s gonna be hell to pay”

Despite the threats QuikTrip has no plans of rebuilding in Ferguson.

On August 19, 2014, the gas was removed from the tanks at the Ferguson QuikTrip.
This was another sign that the QuikTrip in Ferguson will not rebuild.

UPDATE: A QuikTrip official told TGP the company has no plans on rebuilding in Ferguson and that the looted store was barely breaking even.
Rebuild the stores so they can be looted and burned again when Ofc. Wilson is exonerated.
Rebuild the stores you robbed and burned because now you don't have a job.
Rebuild the stores so once again you can terrorize clerks and stock boys.

It's like the Menendez brothers begging the courts for mercy because they murdered their parents and now are orphans.


Story here.



Katy Anders said...

I'd feel more confident of this story if it wasn't from the gateway Pundit. TGP lost all credibility with me when it posted the fake x-rays of Officer Wilson, set the internet ablaze with them, and then didn't even have the decency to retract its mistake.

Kid said...

For the 50th time, I say, that the police should move out of Fergeson, which would be immediately followed by the business owners, and then the population can see what survival is like without those people they violate and rob from.

Screw them. Let them start up a Lord of the Flies community. Send in Special Forces as cameramen to record it for a new reality show.

Call it Shit happens when you act like S* and think that's a good thing.

sig94 said...

Katy - I myself will wait for the grand jury report. Hopefully the full extent of Wilson's injuries will be made known. Too much speculation has fueled an already disastrous situation.

sig94 said...

Kid - I am tempted to react much the same way. However, allowing a portion of this country, any portion, to become a failed state is just not in the cards. It's like a cancer that affects the surrounding healthy tissue. Unless you build a wall around it and allow everything within it to die, it will spread. Look at Detroit....

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good for Quick Trip!