September 6, 2014

Jews Are Fleeing France

Seems like old days, no? Just like in the days of the Third Reich, except they are taking their valuables with them when bugging out of Antisemiteville.
Marlen Kruzhkov, an attorney at New York’s Gusrae Kaplan, specializes in helping Jews make the move from France to the States. Mr. Kruzhkov explained to the Observer in a phone interview that this migration has increased massively since the beginning of 2014, spurred by a spate of anti-semitic incidents, which only worsened with the war between Israel and Hamas. While last year he helped a handful of families with legal arrangements, today he is handling the arrangements of several dozen families—parents with children—looking to make the move. The families Mr. Kruzhkov works with are predominantly well-off investors, with an average net worth of $50 to $70 million. These dollars come along for the all-American ride.

As any good lawyer does, Mr. Kruzhkov begins his conversations with the families he represents by asking, “Why this, why now? Why do you want to be here and invest here?” Unanimously, the answer is French anti-Semitism.

“The truth is, there has always been a large [amount of] anti-Semitism in Europe, and particularly in France,” explains Mr. Kruzhkov. “France is a weird country because it has a large Jewish and large Muslim population, so there is a real tension, a real undercurrent of hostility and a threat. Now, it has become a lot easier for people to become a lot more open about their anti-Semitism and hate. Even a year ago, they were shocked.” Jewish people account for one percent of France’s population, whereas Muslims make up five to ten percent. The vast majority of Frenchmen are Roman Catholics.
Story here.

Jews comprise a little over 2% of the US population (about 6.7 million).

I wonder long long before Jews are fleeing America? I see it coming as the End Times draw near.

Jews fleeing Nazi Germany had to leave 90% of their wealth behind. It is estimated that confiscated Jewish wealth paid for 30% of the Nazi war effort from 1938 through the end of WWII.


Kid said...

This is what happens when a state makes poor decisions. Germany is as bad muslime wise. It should be coming up on the news soon.

TS/WS said...

I just watched a show on the History Channel.
The Us soldiers and allies, marched into the towns of Germany and discovered the mounds of bodies;
did the first thing that came to mind---dragged all of the town folk
(and nearby towns folk) out of their houses (comfort zone), you know the ""moderate ones"" and forced them to take a tour of the mounds of bodies and tell them--it don't matter you were lied to, You did nothing to stop Hitler, thus this, is your guilt - also.

Doom said...

They have been for a while. That is there. Here? Americans are fleeing America. A sign? Yes. I would much rather all Jews flee Europe than Americans flee America. One is a regional tragedy, the other is a global one. If America sinks, there is no other light on the planet, and Israel will disappear while Jews will be slaughtered everywhere. We will go dark as a world if America falls.

Worse? It isn't if America will fall. To save America, active intervention will have to happen. It isn't about stopping the failure, it's about pulling back from it. We aren't on a slippery slope. We are on a slippery slope, over the edge, holding on to the edge, with our elites pouring water down the slope.

As we said on submarines when all hell let loose... are we having fun, YET?!?

sig94 said...

Kid - Merkle is making noise about protecting the Jews. We'll see if it is just noise or if they'll boot a few Muslims through the goal posts to make a point.

Only problem is, you don't make points with those moon god worshippers, you kill them.

sig94 said...

TS/WS - watched the very same show yesterday! MY FIL liberated a few of those camps. The only thing he'd say about it was, "Those poor bastards."

sig94 said...

Doom - agree - 'Murica is on the cusp. The tipping point is approaching, we'll see how many people are sufficiently pissed off to make a difference. Wait until Obugger makes all those illegals legal; it won't push us over the edge but it'll just bring us closer. Two more years of him? Can't say....

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This is why the French only like the French.