September 3, 2014

Dig We Must

Mohammed's Mole People may be at it again. This time from the north, from Lebanon.
The Chief of the Northern Command, Major General Yair Golan, met last month with the mayors of communities near Lebanon and addressed concerns from residents that Hezbollah is actively digging tunnels toward Israel.

Golan said that the IDF is prepared to deal with any attempt to act against the inhabitants of the region, including against Hezbollah. However, no security protocols have been enacted yet to actively combat the problem.

But despite statements by military leaders, sources say that, quietly, the IDF acknowledges a very real threat from terror tunnels in southern Lebanon and has not ruled out the possibility of their existence, Arutz Sheva learned Wednesday.

Reservists who have recently arrived to serve the Lebanese border told Arutz Sheva that their own IDF officers have great concern for the presence of tunnels from Lebanon to Israel, and that instructions were given along the northern borders to dig to search for such tunnels.

The IDF decided to contact the local military outpost on the Lebanese border as well, due to high fears of the presence of a tunnel just below the military post and that Hezbollah terrorists could decide to blow up the tunnel, causing mass casualties.

Soldiers also stated that Hezbollah terrorists have come very close to Israel's borders before, during infiltration attempts, and that "they know everything they need to know" to launch an attack.

Story here.

Crazy with hate. These people are out of their minds with soul-searing, irrational hate. Patsy Kline could write a song about them.

I'm crazy for being so hateful
I'm crazy
Crazy for killing Jews
I dig so Israelis can't see me coming
And then some day
I'll crawl in and set off a fuse

Why are my morals so blurry?
Am I batshit like Howard Hughes?

Oh, crazy
For thinking my tunnels could reach you
I'm crazy for trying
And crazy for dying
And I'm crazy for loving ewes.


Fredd said...

Patsy is rolling over in her grave, Sig.

That, and to give it a Middle Eastern flavor, I don't think a sitar riff would go very well with her famous ditty....

sig94 said...

Fredd - the goats baahing in three part harmony did the trick.

Okay, that's a wrap.