November 12, 2015

Bye, Bye, Barbie

We've been waiting two months to get this going.
We finally got to say good bye to our almost 60 year old Barbie bathroom.
No more pink.

The tiled walls were almost two inches thick with wire mesh and cement. The floor was even thicker. It took four men two days to rip it all out.

Bathroom in a bag. Actually almost sixty bags. This picture is only half the debris.

 Last night everything was gone.

Just before they laid the new subfloor I had them check the downstairs bathroom fan vent, that's the white four inch vinyl pipe in the floor in the pic above. As I suspected, there was a bird's nest in it.

As of five o'clock this afternoon, the old cast iron baseboard heaters are gone, the supply and return lines capped, insulation is going up, toilet rerouted, new subfloor is in and we're ready for plumbing and lights.


Kid said...

Sig, Yea, that bathroom was ugly.

Adrienne said...

I usually like old vintage tile bathrooms, that is, until I saw yours. It made me gasp. Can't wait to see it finished.

Ian H said...

Big job!

Doom said...

Holy carpe diem!

I've got a bathroom to hit. But I don't have four hearty, or even one healthy. Still... That is incentive. My only thought is... how did you break it to Barbie?

underground pewster said...

Maybe you should have tried to sell it on E-Bay.

sig94 said...

The electrics are in and most of the insulation is up. Plumbing, bathtub/surround and sheetrock early next week.