November 8, 2015

Words Of Wisdom


Kid said...

I was in a Sam's club a few weeks ago. Some fat hairy moslem was in there with his zombie wife. Head to floor black burka, slit for the eyes and not more than .002 (thousands of an inch) off the floor. I couldn't help thinking the whole time, does that bitch have 40 lbs of C4 under that thing. At one point on the way out, she was standing there and he was nowhere to be seen. Made me nervous the bitch was gonna blow.

I wanted to kill both of them on the spot. So sue me.

Doom said...

Now you are just flirting!


Yeah, but that's a different thing. They don't use c4, too expensive. Nothing but the cheapest for those filthy slimers. Black powder, lead pipes, and nails is all. It isn't prejudice if it is reasoned. I wouldn't sue you, I'd make you the head of homeland security. Knowing, of course, that Zero and family would have to be repatriated, mind you. Love to see those women in burkas and him in his home country.

Kid said...

Doom, I'm all for repatriating the zero and his muchacha wife and kids. Maybe the libtards would follow him. Follow him where ever he may go... ;-)