November 10, 2015

Fantasy Fortunes Are Exactly That, Fastasies

I am so sick of the gambling commercials that pollute the airwaves during football games. As the adage goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted," and the fantasy football crowd seems to be well represented in this respect.

Appaently the NYS Attorney General has also had his fill:
The New York State attorney general on Tuesday ordered the two biggest daily fantasy sports companies, DraftKings and FanDuel, to stop accepting bets in New York, saying that their games constituted illegal gambling under state law, according to people with knowledge of his investigation.

The cease-and-desist order by the attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, is a major blow to a multibillion-dollar industry that introduced sports betting to legions of young sports fans and has formed partnerships with many of the nation’s professional sports teams. Given the New York attorney general’s historic role as a consumer-protection advocate, legal experts say the action will most likely reverberate in other states where legislators and investigators are increasingly questioning whether the industry should operate unfettered by regulations that govern legalized gambling.
More here. Of course given NY's track record, a few well placed campaign contributions could have made this all go away.


Doom said...

As with drugs, gambling is one of those things people need to be protected from. A few "hits", and they are stuck. I don't think you can really fix those who have become addicted. Oh, sure, just as with drugs, some come clean. But that isn't the world fixing them, that is them choosing to fix themselves. I am not sure, but with as much drug addiction, gambling addiction, and corrupt sex and such, I'm not sure the beast can be caged without an economic collapse and an end to political and cultural control by cities.

The economic collapse is happening. Whether it ever snaps and dives to the bottom in a hurry, or if it simply continues to slowly sink, with all cities becoming Detroit... that is another matter. No one wants it to go fast though. It would, in the long run, be easier. But addicts aren't in it for the long haul.

Kid said...

I'm so happy I've gotten to the point that I pay Zero attention to sports. I'll play, but watch and financially support Pro? College? Nada. And stand around like a zombie watching people Talk about sports?! Wow. I've had it long ago. I look at it like a mental disease anymore. If someone can actually watch and listen to some yahoos Talk about sports, they have it bad and should seek medical help.

It's a bunch of ludicrously overpaid guys playing with a ball. That's all it is.

Total Exception for parents of school age sports players and the children themselves.

Doom said...

+1 Kid

They need to get out while they are behind. Even if I can't play sports due to health, I'm not going to watch it. Okay, maybe women's two-on-two beach volleyball or women's gymnastics once on a blue moon, if I still had tv. But... that's not for the sportsman in me either. *wink* What's worse is to hear so many complain about the feminizing rules and attacks on players by and for women. Unneeded drama, on all sides. As I suggested though, gambling is the other hook. Though whether an addiction is an addiction or just bad behavior "forgiven" through a diagnosis? I wouldn't honestly bet either way. But then I don't bet.

Kid said...

Doom, I believe major league sports and college sports is organized crime besides. Whenever there is big money involved.
There are hundreds of billions sloshing around in pro sports and they have the gall to make taxpayers pay the millions to build their infrastructure - stadiums. UnReal.

They'll get nothing from me.

Then in Missouri, the president of a university resigns because of a couple loose cannon racist idiots and the black football players demand it? he should have told the football players to jam on down the road and replace them over time. Why didn't he? Money. Someone above him told him to get out because they didn't want to forfeit the money for a coupe seasons even though having some punks run your college when the only reason they're there in the 1st place is because they're good a playing with a ball, (else have no business in college - generally speaking) We are in seriously dangerous waters as a society.