November 14, 2015

Kansas City Murder

For .....'s sake, these are eighth graders.
A pair of eight graders stabbed a disabled mother to death as she was cleaning her car then propped her body up in the driver's seat before going for a joyride, police say.

The suspected killers, aged just 13 and 14, are accused of brutally stabbing mother-of-one Tanya Chamberlain, 43, to death with a pocket knife in the early hours of November 1 in Kansas City.

The teens, one of whom is a Boy Scout, then allegedly put her body into the passenger seat with her feet propped up on the dashboard before taking her car on a joyride.

According to KCTV5 Chamberlain was disabled because of a 'medical illness', though the station did not give any more details.
More here.

These are the suspects.
Surprise, surprise.
Animals. This is getting so damned depressing.
Ya think this will get much attention from the American media?
Obviously #WhiteLivesDontMatter


Kid said...

The niggas (as opposed to sane black people) are as bad as the moslems now. Thanks to obama and holder.
PS - Of the multitude of violent crimes appear on my news pages, 99+% are blacks or mexicans. This ain't hard.

And very soon we will see moslem vermin scum spread all over the news pages.

Longbow said...

What we need, obviously, is more thrid worlders to invade or to be imported into our country. That way it can't be only white women these animals attack. By the law of averages, there will be other targets, of all races. Diversity is our strength!

Oh, and the young murderers? We need to understand them.

Doom said...

Some creatures are not, and never will be, children. You best face that. Just as one of the terrorists in France was 15. You simply can't see them as children any more than you can see third world immigrants, from any country, as sympathetic figures. They are creations of their people's choice in governments. No government can stand if it's people do not abide it. That is all you need to know about immigrants.

Bringing a million to the US, to ease world poverty, does nothing. They produce eighty million more per year. Just offering them the promise of escape, before they are ready, is silly. Let those who are that capable stay in their own country and fix it. If they do so, and they still want to change from one successful country for another, then consider it.

Those weren't children. If you can't change how you see those things the war will be lost and quickly.

Gail said...

Bad comes in every color.

God help us all.

Doom said...


Have you ever truly looked at the stats? Black crime versus white (or oriental or others)? Even Mexicans are less violent, mostly. Get rid of your white guilt, it won't do you any favors and is not right or good. Not that I'm white, but as you tried to indicate one way, and I will indicate the other, some things really don't have to be race-based. Sometimes, often even, exceptions prove the rule.