November 13, 2015

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How To Look Like A D-Bag In One Easy Lesson

Straight brimmed baseball caps - 'nuff said.

Queer Queen Caitlyn Riles Her Subjects.

Sometimes a Christian Dior dress, fishnet stockings and spike heels just ain't enough for this crowd.
Warning: These are not the boobs that God made.

An Ego Twice The Size Of Our National Debt
The Has Been Speaketh. Who careth?

God Is Not Mocked. There's A Reason For Morals

When I worked the road there was one beat (the old 50 car)where we had constant calls (sometimes three or four in one shift) to a man dying of tertiary syphilis. He was losing his mind as the disease attacked his central nervous system. It wasn't pretty. I saw him a short while before he died. He was screaming.

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Doom said...

Want to bet the increase in infant syphilis cases has to do with illegal immigration? Which would explain almost every issue, from no prenatal care to the ease with which the disease is generally treated. You can thank Obama. Though, toss in zerocare. Affordable medical care that no one can afford, now for illegals as well, regardless of what they tell you (conservatives).