July 28, 2016

Germany Starts To Wake Up

Armed police officers have launched a raid on a mosque and several homes belonging to a group believed to be radicalising Muslims in Germany.

Apartments belonging to eight board members of the radical German-speaking Islamic group DIK were searched by officers in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony.

It comes as part of a crackdown on the group, which is thought to have been encouraging people to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

The group ran sermons, seminars and lectures entitled 'the hatred of infidels', according to German media.
Story here.

Related news:
BERLIN — Bavarian officials on Thursday pledged to hire hundreds of extra police officers and urged tougher background checks on asylum-seekers as they presented an anti-terror plan following four deadly attacks in the country in a week.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said his state — where three of the four attacks took place — would hire some 2,000 additional police officers by 2020, improve police officers’ equipment and create new offices to fight Muslim extremism and cybercrime.

He also called for tougher background checks on asylum-seekers and new strategies to deport criminal asylum-seekers more easily. Three of the four attacks were committed by asylum-seekers.


Doom said...

A show for the masses. I wonder if they called first, to make sure they were clear. Or simply set up some of the ones who weren't playing along. Just a dog and pony show. Won't change a thing even if it was real. Why? It's not coming from those places, it's just in that population. Only two ways ahead. Live with terrorism or get rid of the terrorists.

Gorges Smythe said...

They need to send ALL muslims back to their homeland so they can go back to killing one another instead of other folks.

Doom said...

I may not have made it quite as clear to some. Terrorists are islamic. None can be sure not to engage in it. Germany should return just the new ones, but the Turks which have invaded and think they have a right to stay from long ago. Get rid of all of them.