July 29, 2016

Russian Navy Celebrates New Ships, US Navy Celebrates Sodomites

Russia is quietly rebuilding its navy. Evidences are their new nuclear subs and other surface vessels that are being built or have already become operational, like this submarine:
The Russian Navy’s first Project-885 Yasen-class nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine, K-329 Severodvinsk, is set to deploy on its first combat training mission.

The new submarine recently completed operational testing after being accepted into service in June 2014. Prior to that, the boat had been undergoing pre-delivery sea trials since September 2011.

[...]Severodvinsk and her more advanced Project-885M sister ships are capable vessels. “We’ll be facing tough potential opponents. One only has to look at the Severodvinsk, Russia’s version of a [nuclear guided missile submarine] (SSGN). I am so impressed with this ship that I had Carderock build a model from unclassified data.” Rear Adm. Dave Johnson, Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) program executive officer (PEO) submarines said during the 2014 Naval Submarine League’s symposium in Falls Church, Va. “The rest of the world’s undersea capability never stands still.”
The Russians are also introducing a new frigate into their naval forces.
The first in a new class of Russian guided missile frigate arrived on Thursday to Sevastopol marking the first time the Black Sea Fleet has seen a new blue water warship since the end of the Cold War.

The Project 11356-class Admiral Grigorovich arrived in Crimea, the first of several new surface ships the Russian Navy intends to base in the Black Sea.

“This is the first vessel for distant water operation, which the Black Sea Fleet has received over the past 35 years,” fleet spokesman Vyacheslav Trukhachyov told the TASS news service.

The 4,000-ton frigate delivered to the Russian Navy in March and is the first of a planned class of six based in the Black Sea.
Of course the US has built the incredibly expensive (over $3b each) Zumwalt class destroyer (seriously, we used to build aircraft carriers for less), which is of yet an unproven design, but two new LCS littoral combat ships, the USS Milwaukee and the USS Fort Worth, both suffered mechanical failures and had to be towed for repairs.

But never fear, the Navy has decided that in this time of world unease the best way to prepare our warriors for battle is to name ships after sodomites. The USS Harvey Milk is a vessel planned for construction that will be named after a man who was sodomizing minors and shot to death. (H/T iOTW)

This is our new navy that sends sailors "poorly led and unprepared" into dangerous waters on ships that may or may not be combat capable. God help us.


Kid said...

Sig, I noticed that today.

Kid said...

Combat Capable.... Did you see the article that talks about the latest Aircraft Carrier that may NEVER be ready for combat operations? Wow.

We are so near the drain.

sig94 said...

Kid - yes, the carrier - I did. Scary stuff... idiots running and ruining everything in the USA.

underground pewster said...

Oh no, it is going to be an oiler!

sig94 said...

Pewster - and it's sister ship the USS Kay Why.