July 26, 2016

You Can Have My Appendix When You Pry It From My Cold...

Scientists are finally getting a sense of what the human appendix does besides leaving scars when removed.
The appendix has long had a reputation as a redundant organ with no real function. Doctors often remove it even in mild cases of appendicitis to prevent future infection and rupture, which may not always be necessary. But new research on the way innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) protect against infection in people with compromised immune systems may redeem this misunderstood organ.

[...]While the appendix is not required for digestive functions in humans, Belz tells mental_floss, “It does house symbiotic bacteria proposed by Randal Bollinger and Bill Parker at Duke University to be important for overall gut health, but particularly when we get a gut infection resulting in diarrhea.”

Infections of this kind clear the gut not only of fluids and nutrients but also good bacteria. Their research suggests that those ILCs housed in the appendix may be there as a reserve to repopulate the gut with good bacteria after a gut infection.
See? God knows what He is doing even if we don't.

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deborah harvey said...

glad someone knows that God knows what He is doing!
'there is a way which seemeth good unto a man...'.
and, 'lean not unto thine own understanding...'.

sig94 said...

deborah - I've screwed up so many times. He always gets me out of it... sometimes it took decades, but He did it.