November 17, 2016

Madame Bag Lady

Look at the difference.

Hillary just a few months ago at debate

Hillary speaking last night at a benefit

Looks like Hillary will soon be pushing a shopping cart filled with campaign posters and empty beer cans, muttering to herself  and yelling at squirrels.

I didn't do a thing to change or doctor up these pictures.This is the result of unrealistic, crushing ambition that is thwarted. She is shaken and stirred. If she doesn't pull herself out of it, she'll most likely be dead in a few years - or less if she's hitting the sauce.

And this is where loved ones step in to help. A healthy marriage surrounding her with an attentive husband and loving children would certainly buck her up, help her regain her equilibrium ... right.

Of course this may all be a play for sympathy; the poor dear thing is suffering! She's soooo disappointed that she couldn't be serving her country and helping all those people who need her. I'm just not sure if her ego would let her walk out the door looking like that.

Hard to tell with the Clintons, they're such liars and grifters.

Now that I've thought about it some, I believe that she's preparing the battlefield, conditioning the jury pool. She's in too rough shape to be arrested and prosecuted so leave her alone. We should anticipate future news reports about her failing health to support this plan of hers. Of course the media will blame Trump for this.


drjim said...

Hopefully she's not long for this world, and will soon move on to her "Just Rewards"......

/snark off

sig94 said...

drjim - if she thinks she's in bad shape now, just wait.

drjim said...

Favorite quote from the debates: "You'll be in jail"....

sig94 said...

God - "You'll be in hell."

LL said...

Yes, I see an insanity defense in her future...she can't recall anything or participate in her own defense.

Non compos mentis