November 18, 2016

This Oughta Be Good

Washington (CNN)President-elect Donald Trump intends to nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his next attorney general, the presidential transition announced Friday.

Sessions, 69, is currently serving his fourth Senate term and was the first sitting senator to endorse Trump. During Trump's campaign, he served as a key validator from within the Republican establishment at critical times and urged Republicans to coalesce around Trump.
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LL said...

The Southern Poverty Law Center hates Senator Sessions and has branded him a racist. That's a ringing endorsement and can only improve when they also call him Islamophobic, homophobic and a sexist.

sig94 said...

LL - that is good news! Those who rely on the swamp for a living always get upset then someone threatens to drain the blasted thing.

Kid said...

I love when the idiots hate Trump appointments. That of course means he has picked the very best person for the job.