November 16, 2016

Pork Dumping

It's a sight that will make even a strong man wince. Hundreds of pounds of pig parts fell off a truck and onto a Florida highway, blocking traffic and causing delays.
A gory mass of pig carcasses toppled from a truck and scattered on a busy Florida highway on Wednesday morning.

Oh, the mess. Oh, the smell. Oh, Florida.

The pig pileup happened on Interstate 75 near Sarasota.

Several carcasses fell from a truck that failed to safely secure the already dead livestock on I-75 north near Fruitville Road around 9 a.m., the Florida Highway Patrol reported.
One motorist's vehicle was disabled by a massive, bouncing hamhock. The driver, Tallahassee CPA Samuel Weisskopf, stated that he hadn't since a such a massive amount of pork dumped since October of 2014 when the Federal Reserve ended it's QE (Quantitative Easement) program whereby $4.5 trillion of pork was dumped on Wall Street.

It took years for Wall Street to recover from this reckless action.
Hopefully I-75 will not take as long.


Kid said...

This needs to happen on the front door of every mosque in the world.

LL said...

Kid beat me to it.