December 1, 2016

Audit Bags A Weiner

Ex-Congressman and recovering sextaholic Anthony Weiner was informed that an audit of his 2013 run for Mayor of NYC uncovered some irregularities.
Weiner learned Thursday that the city Campaign Finance Board ordered his 2013 mayoral campaign committee to repay over $195,000 in public funds and whacked it with a fine of $64,956 after irregularities were identified in an audit.

The biggest portion of the fines resulted from the campaign’s failure to explain tens of thousands of dollars in expenses during the campaign and more than $100,000 afterward.

Auditors at the CFB also identified more than $1,500 in expenses that seemed to be personal in nature, including for dry cleaning bills.

Records show that as of July, Weiner still had nearly $4 million in his mayoral campaign account.

He received $1.6 million in taxpayer matching funds.
Story here.

Seriously, what will the NY Post do if Weiner goes underground? If he decides to live out the rest of his life in a monastery; there to fulfill himself through a life of tranquility and self denial?

Nah, that'll never happen. Weiner is drawn to mischief and public controversy as a dung beetle is drawn to a herd of elephants. The whiff of a fifteen year old pubescent female will give him the shakes. A trashy porn star wanna-be can still get him to flash his Hanes clad member throughout cyberdom.

He is compulsive, impulse driven. How this hot mess got to be a Congressman is beyond me.

This poor boy has got his wires crossed and three weeks on a horse is not going to fix that. We can expect more entertainment from this lad; all Weiner, all the time.,

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LL said...

If he's sitting on $4 million plus the money he gets from Mrs. Weiner, he's fine. Politics was good to him. The fine is like a bee sting at best. Maybe he will join Huma, working at the Clinton Foundation for a better world?