December 3, 2016

Is This The NY Times' Last Obamagasm?

The NY Times, "The Grey Lady," has managed to drop her so-called objective undies, spread her hoary editorial legs wide so as to give the liberals another go while she shudders and moans through one more Trump hit piece.
How Trump’s Calls to World Leaders Are
Upsetting Decades of Diplomacy
I won't bother to quote any more of the squealing sheilas' steamy, senseless, stippled soliloquy (dang! broke my thesaurus!) but you, faithful reader, can well imagine the tripe that only the fevered brow of the Times can produce.

In this digital swill, to which I refuse to link, the Times savagely bites the pillow and still manages to scream that Trump is ruining Obama's diplomatic masterpiece; in brief, Trump has smeared a mustache over Obama's Mona Lisa of Global Outreach.

The Times gives us a Christmas Cacophony of Doom...

On Pakistan! On Kazakastan! On Japan and Britian!
On Mexico! On China! On NATO and Putin!
On world trade and oil! On building his wall!
Now dash away, dash away! He's gonna kill us all!

Of course the Times fails to mention Obama's failed foreign policies. Aided by his first Secretary of Scandal,  the Great Bowing and Scraping Initiative of his Administrative has produced nothing but terror and instability throughout the world.

Here's a Whitman's Assorted Incompetence Sampler of Obama's achievements.
  • Libya and Syria are in flaming ruins.
  • Egypt barely managed to avoid the same fate. 
  • Tunisia is now run by terrorists. 
  • Iran still provides armaments to terrorists throughout the region and is on the threshold of producing its own nuclear weapons. 
  • Russia invaded Ukraine and now has massed troops, missiles and armor along its borders. 
  • China is militarizing and claiming mineral rich and vital commercial waterways in the South China Sea.
  • In response to China, Viet Nam is doing the same albeit on a smaller scale.
  • North Korea has finally manged to get a intermediate range ballistic missile off the launch pad. 
  • The Philippines - well, a former ally told us to f**k off.
Scores of world leaders are calling President-elect Trump. I guess they no longer are calling Obama.

But none of this penetrates the Times' frenzied Obamagasm. On the other hand, let her enjoy it. In the very near future they'll be few and far between.


LL said...

I wonder how the Times can remain open with the overhead that it has. I know that it's paid readership is way off. There are still prog companies that run ads, and as long as that continues, there will be jobs there for social justice warriors and freaks.

Journalism is a word that needs to be removed from the dictionary.

sig94 said...

LL - they must be selling crack out of the delivery trucks.

Kid said...

The entire middle east is now a child on PCP.

Great post, agree every word.

This may be a good thing if Trump is a good thing. Young voters paying attention (forget the older ones) craving play-doh and coloring books and petting ponies, will in 4 years be living in a better America and a better world and those still sane after the educational assult and battery will think "Wha the hail?" Things didn't come anywhere near what these bozos were predicting...

underground pewster said...

They must have a lot of bird cages to line up there in NYC.

Doom said...

The thing that is throwing them? I, and I would guess many like us, don't even care. I think, as they are realizing, nobody, not even their John's, cares. She could strip down and light herself afire and we wouldn't even bother to put out the flames unless it was a danger to something of value. Although, if I were to suggest something, it wouldn't be to the gray slut, it would be to my kind. Stop giving THEM press. Just... let them die. Do not care.