November 27, 2016

Who Pays The Most In Taxes?

Seems funny that the richest socialists like Sanders and Clinton are always griping that the rich need to pay more while they hide their assests with every legal device at their command. Yet the poorest pay little or nothing yet garner the greatest benefits from the government.

From Zero Hedge:

[...]with approximately $1.55 trillion in individual income tax expected to be collected in 2016, this means that less than 1% of US taxpayers will be responsible for more than a third, or roughly $575 billion in government revenue, nearly double what corporate income taxes ($300 billion) are expected to bring in.
Here are 27 large corporation that did not pay any federal taxes last year.

Of course there is no attempt (or intent) by the government to just provide essential services. This is all about wealth redistribution in order to maintain political advantage.

H/T Lucianne


LL said...

No matter how poor you are, you should pay something in taxes.

I don't worry about the rich because they have the 6,000 pages (500 million words) of the US Tax Code to hide behind.

The middle class always gets the shaft.

Doom said...

By the way, those companies which DO pay taxes? They are distinctly NOT paying taxes. WE are paying those taxes. Put corporate tax at zero. That cuts out corruption through tax strength and meas that, when we pay those taxes, we get the control, not some back-room corporate deal controlling those funds. Companies have too much power by using our money in a backend taxation scheme to then control politics.

As for the other, I don't know, it actually seems reasonable. I would still love to see a flat tax. Anyone who doesn't want to pay the tax, below a certain income, could surrender their right to vote so as not to be taxed. That would control taxation quickly.

sig94 said...

Doom - I believe a flat tax is also the way to go. Eliminate all the accountants and IRS agents.