December 10, 2016

Crap Is Just Another Word For Frigidaire

We finally finished out kitchen and dining room remodeling project just before my first knee replacement in November of 2013. We started in January by enclosing the porch and tearing out the brick and cinder block wall between the porch and dining room. We used three different contractors to do all the work and two of them lied to us causing delays in permits and shoddy workmanship. But after eleven months it was worth the wait and it was just in time for our daughter's wedding.

We wanted good but reasonably priced appliances and chose the Frigidaire Professional line for all our appliances in our new kitchen.

That was a terrible mistake.

Within eighteen months the Frigidaire oven's electronic control board (ECB) got fried after we used the self cleaning feature. We only used this feature one time. I complained to Electrolux, Frigidaire's home company, and they sold me a new ECB for $157. So a $920 oven now cost me $1,077. And we are afraid to use the self cleaning feature again.

Later that year (2014) we found a piece of, oh I dunno, rubber or latex or some kind of plastic on the floor of the Frigidaire dishwasher. It was partially melted by the heater coil. Eventually I figured out that it was a gasket that fell off the bottom of the washer's door. A new one cost me about ten bucks.

Last summer the ECB for the Frigidaire microwave oven went kablooey for no reason. It was on it's own protected circuit with no other outlet attached. I threw the blasted thing out (wasn't about to plunk down whatever for another board for a low quality appliance) and bought a nice stainless steel LG microwave at Home Depot for $170. That was $400 out the window, that's what we paid for that overpriced piece of garbage.  It went to the curb. Metal scrappers picked it up in a heartbeat.

Now last month (October 2016) the ice maker in the Frigidaire refrigerator went nuts. Some sort of plastic fitting and a white electrical cord fell out of the ice maker. After that, half the time the ice comes out in great chunks, not separate cubes like it used to. This clogs the machine and makes it almost impossible to take the tray out as the big chunks of ice cause the tray to jam inside the ice maker.

I will have to call a repair man to fix this. I have no idea how much it will cost me.

I complained again on the Frigidaire Face Book page. "Oh contact us and we'll see what we can do..." Bull. This is what I am doing. I will make separate blogs that will educate the public about the crap that Frigidaire makes.

Every single Frigidaire kitchen appliance I bought broke down or failed in some way within two and a half years. Every one.

These appliances cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. 

They are the alleged top of the product line.

 They are CRAP.

Do not purchase Frigidaire appliances.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Samsung is the word it translates to in Korean. $750 washer started rusting around the bleach cup within a year, it was considered "cosmetic" by Samsung. At 5 years almost rusted through, the PCB and spin balance sensors shot, off to the curb it went.

Honestly, GE microwave lasted 6 years, I think if you get five out of almost anything you are probably lucky.

sig94 said...

Capt. - I hear ya. When he died in 1983, we bought my wife's grandfather's washing machine and dryer. The washer probably went for a total of 20 years and the dryer closer to 25. Three years ago we bought an LG washing machine for about a grand and we were told that they might only last about 7 years. From now on I get the cheapest appliances possible and off to the curb they go when they break.

LL said...

Sub Zero is the way to go, with a Wolf stove.

Kid said...

Thanks for the product review Sig. Let me add a little. I see you have the refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. This will cause you grief too if it hasn't already.

We have a fridge in the basement, over 20 years old, works like a hungry Mexican guy day in day out. We liked the french door style fridge with freezer on the bottom and got one for the kitchen. Had it 10 years now, been repaired three times already, and not cheap. The repair guys say freezer on top is the only way to go as the freezer on bottom fridges of any make are crap.

Next time it goes out the door like George Thorougood not paying his rent.

I'd heard Whirlpool was good stuff, but apparently not anymore too.

Good Luck sir. If you have to cut your losses I'd go with LL's rec. I just copied it for myself.

sig94 said...

LL - thanks. I'll look into that.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Our Frigidaire dish washer requires a screw driver to be stuck under the door release lever to get the door open. Not worth fixing but don't know what piece of Chinese junk to buy next time.

Doom said...

I just bought a washer, dryer, and stove. Went with maytag. Each has a ten year warranty (mostly, you know how that goes, but it is on the major parts... but why not all?). Even so, they dropped those off as if they would explode and snuck out. I wasn't told I would need anything else for the install, but did. They are nasty about that. They try to drop them and run, and for the most part did.

Those three were $1,500, after massive sale and group discount. Normally $2,600. I have a fridge, microwave oven, and dishwasher for next year. Probably going with maytag or lg. I've heard your brand, samsung, and most others, are one to two year paperweights, or will murder you with expenses. Same even with the truly expensive brands, worse often. Crazy.

Linda said...

Boy, they don't make them like they used to! My first microwave was Montgomery Wards, back when they were the size of a huge oven, and very expensive, but we got it 1976 and finally had to replace it 3 years ago. I think I got my $ out of that. A few years ago we purchased a used (Only 6 mos, LOL!) fancy refrigerator. It lasted about a year. My 1st one lasted at least 30 years. We got a GE 2 years ago. Nothing fancy . Freezer on top and an ice maker in the freezer. My dishwasher had to be replaced about 5 years ago, and the installers had a horrible time putting it in. I agree, things today can be crap!

sig94 said...

Linda - yes, we got our first microwave back in 1985 and it lasted almost 20 years; it was a Litton I believe. We've had three since then.

sig94 said...

Sunnybrook - As long as that's all it takes, keep it.

sig94 said...

Doom - Maytag gives a ten year warranty? Not bad. Frigidaire - top line - you get only one.